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Comparison and Contrast

No description

Luis Castro

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Comparison and Contrast

Comparison and Contrast
Compare and Contrast
"Food for the soul"
To show and explain the similarities and differences of two or more things.
The effect of Comparing and contrasting essays is both an explaining and persuasive effect.

These essays can compare two things in order for the reader to understand the differences between the two objects, as well as the benefits of each, such as that of a consumer deciding between two similar objects of interest.

Compare and Contrast essays can be used very well to persuade a person on a specific matter by laying out all the pros and cons of two different materials, and comparing them in order to convince the target which one is "better"
Who, What, When, Where, why?
Everyday consumers

"Food for the Soul"
Nicholas D Kristof
(Acclaimed Journalist who writes about global issues)
Traditional Vs Modern Agriculture
In the United States
To inform consumers of how the food system works.
(readers of New York Times)
To let people know how much farming has changed from the soulful traditional style to the heartless modern factory farming.
The essay was fairly well done, where as he gets his point out about how there is more liveliness in traditional farming, but he does fail to actually compare much between the two styles of farming.
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