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How are women represented in Macbeth and Of Mice and Men?

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carly allison

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of How are women represented in Macbeth and Of Mice and Men?

How are women represented in Macbeth and Of Mice and Men?
Explain that your essay will compare and contrast how the women in both 'Macbeth' and 'Of mice and Men' were represented.

Think about the following information:

Who wrote the texts?
Who are the key women in the texts that you will discuss?
When were the texts written?
Where are the writers from?
How were women seen at the time?
What was their role in society?
How powerful were they?

First impressions - Lady Macbeth
What do you need to do in your course work to achieve a C?
How does Macbeth open?
How were the witches represented in the first act? (supernatural, ugly...)
How does Macbeth react to the witches?
What predictions do the witches make?
How are the predictions a key part of the story?
Explain how people would have viewed witches in Tudor times
Learning Outcome:
I will comment on how women are represented in two texts and plan and prepare my introduction

How is Lady Macbeth presented in the first two acts of Macbeth?
Think about her part in Duncan's death
How do her actions impact the play?
First impressions -Curley's Wife

What is your first impression of Curley's wife?
First impressions - The Witches
First impressions

How are the first impression of the following characters similar and different?
Lady Macbeth
The Witches
Curley's wife.

Why do you think that the writers have created this impression of women?
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