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Case 4-1 Soccer and the Fashion World

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Jess Franzen

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Case 4-1 Soccer and the Fashion World

Question 1: Is FIFA's "sartorial strategy" likely to influence Americans percptions of soccer?

It's extraordinarily hard to turn a sports league or governing body into a brand that works elsewhere. You have to combine the right price points with the right retailers and get the governing body to think about what their brand really is worth. And that's never easy." --Leo McCullah former head of marketing and licensing for PGA tour
Question 2: Do you think soccer can be transformed into a mainstream sport in the United States?
Question 3: With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, FIFA faced a number of challenges pertaining to security, ticketing, and transportation... What must FIFA do to ensure the 2014 world cup is successful?
Case 4-1 Soccer and the Fashion World
Top 10 Most Watched Sporting Events in USA
1. The Super Bowl--111.3 million viewers (2012)
2. The Summer Olympics 40.7 million viewers (2012)
3. BCS College Football National Championship, 26.4 million viewers (2013)
4. NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship, 20.9 million viewers (2012)
5. NBA Finals, 16.9 million viewers(2012)
Yes, but it won't happen overnight.
NFL,NBA, and MLB are more common and names are so common in many households--Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Tim Teebow, and Aaron Rodgers.
About FIFA
The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
Governed by Swiss Law
Found in 1904
Based in Zurich
Has 209 member associations
Employs 310 people from over 35 nations

Mission and Statutes
"Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future"
What we Stand for

To increase interest in soccer, more emphasis should be placed on college school, as in other sports, where college draft is a huge deal.
6. Kentucky Derby, 14.8 million viewers (2012)
7. NASCAR Daytona 500, 13.7 million viewers (2012)
8. The Masters, 13.5 million viewers (2012)
9. FIFA World Cup Soccer, 12.9 million viewers (2010--US vs. England match)
10. The World Series, 12.6 million viewers (2012)
Behind schedule due to constant delays
FIFA's changes for World Cup Success:
Only sold on FIFA website
no other company
improved security, reduced fakes/scams
3 sales phases, 2 types of tickets
Delivered via courier or picked up at one of 12 host countires
3.6 mil. page views, avg wait time 45mins, offered in different languages
McDonald's--large sponsor of FIFA
provided more volunteers
training on FIFA's site and on-site training
helped with requests related to directional info for
special needs support
service-related tasks
Event Success
12 host cities need sufficient
Need to improve
FIFA pushes host cities to put forth all effort to accommodate the needs of their guests.

Linking celebrities to sports
David Beckham and Adidas
Niche Marketing
Heritage tees
Mass Marketing
Walmart and NBA

Integration of Clothing & Sports
FIFA views US as underutilized market
Merchandise & Broadcasting
Cultural Boundaries
Lack of local support
FIFA's Strategy
Based on historical data
Athlete endoresements
Assuming same outlook for US
Love comes first, then shopping
should focus on integration
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