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Copy of LegiSchool Internship

No description

Alagu Chidambaram

on 16 August 2011

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Transcript of Copy of LegiSchool Internship

The LegiSchool Project
Real World Civics Summer
Internship Program Janera Montaño
Alagu Chidambaram
Brianna Leavell
Garrett Haden
Ashlei Maihack Courtroom as a Classroom Mock Hearing Intro to the LegiSchool Project Legislative Placement Executive Placement Assignments Our Experience Using the experience we gained from working in our Legislative placements, we participated in a Mock Hearing on SB 746.

We are assigned the role of either the Bill Author, a lobbyist or a witness in either support or opposition of the bill.

We researched our individual roles and wrote a small statement to present to our committee.

The members of the committee are played by our mentors and other Capitol Fellows and they ask us questions about the legislation after the witnesses are done testifying.

It is a fun and rare experience to get to play a part in the process of how a bill gets reviewed. "Being able to see how state
government works first hand has
been an extraordinary experience!"
-Brianna Leavell,
Rocklin High School Graduate 2011 The LegiSchool Project is a civic education collaboration between California State University, Sacramento and the California State legislature. The project's mission is to engage California's high school students in matters of public policy and state government. The LegiSchool Project's Real World Civics Summer Internship gives a select number of high school students the opportunity to experience state government first hand. LegiSchool Summer Interns spend two weeks in the legislative branch with either an Assembly Member or Senator and two weeks working in a state agency in the executive branch. Interns witness every phase of the bill process: from the drawing board, to hearings, to being implemented in the executive branch. Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity that no textbook or classroom could ever teach. "This internship was the best summer I have ever had! I was able to actively participate in California State government! I would never pass an opportunity like this up!"
-Ashlei Maihack
Pleasant Grove High School Graduate 2011 2011 "Being in Assemblyman Hagman's office really helped me understand how difficult it is to be a legislator. I was able to see all the different things that need to be considered before voting on a bill."
-Alagu Chidambaram
Mira Loma High School We visited the Placer County Superior Court this year. We were able to tour the courthouse, visit a judge’s chambers, see the prisoner holding cells and attorney/client interview rooms. As a part of our Courtroom as a Classroom day, we met and spoke with Superior Court Judge Pineschi as well as members from the Department of Probation, the DA's office, and the Public Defenders office. The interns were able to watch several trials both with and without a jury and observe the trial assignment calendar proceedings. "I loved the internship, not only because I learned a lot and met so many amazing people, but also because it restored my faith in government and in my state. I know now why the system is the way it is, and as a future voter, I feel confident that I can now make a good decision when choosing my lawmakers."
-Alagu Chidambaram
Mira Loma High School "The internship was the best way to learn about state government. Its hands on approach to learning really gave me an understanding that is incomparable to learning in the classroom."
-Garrett Haden
Jesuit High School Throughout the internship we were given assignments that helped us gain and retain knowledge and understanding of state government.

During our time in the legislative and executive branch we were required to interview at least one person in our office.

In order to prepare ourselves for future job interests, we also were required to write resumes and cover letters.

Finally, as a way to reflect and prepare the program for next years interns, we were assigned with making this presentation. One unique experience we had at Courtroom as a Classroom was watching the selecting and swearing in of the Grand Jury, which only happens once a year. Being in the Office of Planning and Research was a great expreience because it allowed me to see how the executive branch is as opposed to the legislative branch. Becuase OPR is one state agency that works so much with other government agencies, I was also able to see the roles of offices such the Strategic Growth Council, Cal EPA, CalTrans, and others in addition to working on OPR projects.
-Alagu Chidambaram
Mira Loma High School For two weeks of the program, the interns were assigned to work with either an Assembly or Senate Fellow in the legislature. In the office, students were given tasks similar to the staffers. They followed bills, did research, contacted organizations encouraging support for the legislation, and participated in meetings, to name a few responsibilites. For the last two weeks of the program, interns were placed with Executive Fellows in various state agencies. The placements this year included California Volunteers, the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, the Strategic Growth Council, High Speed Rail Authoriy, and CalEMA. The Executive placement allowed students to participate in different tasks assigned to their various agencies and gain a complete view of all the different things the Executive Branch accomplishes. "Networking, connections, who you know
are all phrases I have have heard throughout my 4 week experience, and something that I will never forget. This is a once in a life opportunity I've had to meet and talk to the people I did"
-Janera Montaño
Sacramento High School We hope to hear from you real soon! In a courtroom at the Placer County Superior Court Alagu Chidambaram with her mentor, Lauren Dominguez Alag Chidambaram with Assemblymember Hagman Janera Montano interviewing Senator Padilla Janera Montano with Senator Padilla The interns at the California State Vault The interns in Lieutenant Governor Newsom's office The interns with Assemblymember Smyth, one of the several government officials they met with The interns during the mock hearing This year, the interns presented SB 746 at their mock hearing Activities While a part of the program, the interns participated in several activities in order to see all the aspects of government. The interns toured the Capitol, the Governor's Office, the Lieutenant Governor's Office, and the California State Vault LegiSchool interns were able to meet with State Controller John Chiang, Assembly Member Smyth and Assembly Member Alejo in order to learn more about state government. On the last day of the program, all the interns volunteered at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Garrett Haden pauses from sorting clothes at the Food Bank to pose for a picture. The interns at the Food Bank
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