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Climate Change

Facts and information about the causes, effects, and possible solutions to climate change.

Andrew Bettencourt

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate Change
Andrew Bettencourt, Ava Cardarelli, Effie Nathan, and Julia Castagna


Causes of Climate Change
The main cause is greenhouse gases (GHGs)
Comes from exhaust from cars or coal-powered buildings
When trees are cut down, it releases CO2
Human Impact
Ride a bike instead of going in a car
Causes of Climate Change
Regarding climate change “conservation has been no match for commerce.”

Global demand for products that harm our environment (oil, natural, gas, etc.) has prevented any type of real change from taking place.

National governments have largely failed to act, while the cities themselves have begun to think and work out alternatives.
There are a few separate measures that can be taken to counteract global warming, but these solutions also come with negative side effects.

Utilizing nuclear power.

Upgrading infrastructure.

Preventing deforestation.

Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.
Effects of Climate Change
Changes caused by
Image: Computer-Enhanced image of global warming
Effects of Climate Change
Heat Waves
Extreme weather events
Changes in ground ozone
Extreme weather events
Drought and wild fires
Warmer urban societies
Rising Sea Level
Effects of Climate Change
Effects of Climate Change
Major Effect: Rising Temperature
Warmer Oceans
Melting Ice Caps
and Glaciers
Image: Canadian glaciers melting in July 2008
Image: Retreating Antarctic Ice Shelf
One of the most pressing issues is the rise in temperature worldwide
Several negative effects (on both humans and the environment) stem from rising temperatures
Image: Smog in Manhattan, NY
Image: Greenpeace Global Warming Banner on Eiffel Tower
Note: All images from Gale: Science in Context Database
Causes can be traced back to the Romans
There are various smaller causes, such as the sun's energy reaching earth.
Image: Proof from tree that Romans had high temperatures from climate change
Image: Coal-Powered smoke stacks, which produce greenhouse gases
Best Solutions
CHP System
Why It Was Chosen
CHP system produces both electricity and heat for manufacturing processes and is environmentally friendly.
Pros and Cons
Enables companies to produce electricity from alternate sources
Solid Municipal waste (trash and garbage)
Beneficial to industries
maximizes energy efficiency by 10-50%
reduces cost
cut carbon-dioxide emissions up to 30%
reduces energy costs
fossil-fueled power plants efficiency 33%
CHP efficiency 60-80%
insulation not cost efficient
not actual energy source
electricity and heat demand must be at the same time
Major Effect: Rise in temperature
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