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AltoSites From Altuity

AltoSites is a cloud based asset, maintenance and premises management software solution for school business managers, bursars, facilities and estates managers. Map and site/floor plans along with dashboard reporting deliver significant benefits.

Steve Voller

on 4 March 2018

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Transcript of AltoSites From Altuity

Quicker return on software investment
Managed and Hosted in the cloud
User's IT resources remain focused on existing priorities
Scalable architecture
Cost efficiencies
Consumption based licensing
Pay for what is used
Subscription licensing
Typically 12 months (3 - 9 months available)
No or low cost implementation and training costs
Rapid go-live

AltoSites: Commercial Benefits

AltoSites Demonstration

Flexible access to all data
In the office or on the move
Mobile responsive web access

Maintain compliance inspections within the portal
Schedule inspections (gas, water, electrical, asbestos)
Assign contractors

Manage Defects
Collect via mobile/tablets including photo / videos
Asset / Defect relationship - identify poor performing assets
Feed into works orders and / or export to Excel

Collect as You Go
No need for detailed asset inventory
Add to AltoSites as the data becomes available

Benefits of AltoSites

Manage Site Information

Intuitive visualisation of site data
Document repository
Management of infrastructure / assets
Maintaining compliance with statutory inspections
Defect / Fault management
Service Requests
Intangible assets (insurances, leases, contracts etc)

Clarify | Converge | Control


Steve Voller

IDCThe Hidden Costs of Information Work – March 2005 IDC Report:
Feldman, Marobella, Duhl, Crawford

Visualisation of data by location – quick holistic view of site
Data located on map and site plans
No specialist GIS or CAD software required – reduces costs

Improved decision making
Record point, polygon and line assets (tangible and intangible)
User definable search criteria - e.g. spatial, attribute
Dashboard and Reports

Improves management and admin efficiency
Different formats and types of data accessible in a single portal
Automatic alerts and reminders

Benefits of AltoSites

Data management
Data onto a cloud based portal
Site data
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci
What does AltoSites do ?
56% of worker time can be spent searching or gathering information for documents
9% of time is spent on unsuccessful searches
Current software system(s):

Too feature rich for your requirements
e.g. includes many features that are not required
Too complex for your site needs
e.g. the software is 'enterprise level' and therefore includes a level of
sophistication not required
Expensive software costs (license, support, large scale implementation)
Expensive on internal resources (£ & € and staff time)


Systems are too simple / fragmented
e.g. Disconnected MS Office / Spread across drives / machines

Typical user challenges

Or no systems in place...
UK Survey by Facilities Management Journal (FMJ) and Causeway found:

Up to
of estates with 6-10 buildings use paper or manual processes to manage property data and even for those with 11-100 buildings just under
were managed manually.

“Managing the state of the estate”, FMJ, Causeway, September, 2014

Copyright(c) Altuity Solutions Ltd, 2014-2016
AltoSites is a trademark of Altuity Solutions Ltd

Software for the Built Environment
Time, cost and risk of managing disparate data
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