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No description

Leah Turner

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Poemss;

Oh This noise
Surrounding and smothering my sences
Can't think
I'm screaming
Shreiking for this noise so stop
But to no avail
Away from the noise
The lights
These blinding colors
And it all stops

Finally the solitude I need
Away from it all
My thoughts
one string after another
All connecting, one way or another
Piling up
To much.
This defening silence is killing me.
Closing in with a malace to great for words
I'd rather have the noise.
But now it's to late
No going back.
I'll swallow my pride with an asprin
And slip slowly into oblivion... Just Don't;
The sun shone high in the sky,
Birds sang,
Floweres bloomed,
The cool breeze caressed my skin.
My tears flowed freely now.
My wrists were faw and bloodied.
Anything it takes to get away.
Away from him. Away from this all.
He's no good.
You diserve better.
Your heart is going to break again and again.
Believe me, I've gone beyond broken.
The worst you can do now is step on the shards.
Why do you do this?
I guess I'm just hoping for impossible things..
Stop hoping... Epiphany;
Sitting here next to you.
The past days swimming by in my head.
I recall all the emotions.
I'm sick of it.
Sick to my stomach.
You used to be so good at being the highlight of my days.
As I look into your emotionless face.
Expressionless eyes.
I realize everything is fake.
A sick facade.
Tears well up in my eyes.
And with one finger up, I'm out.
Cause baby you ain't even worth two.
Just Jump;
All my muscles frozen.
Every one behind me was hollering and cheering me on.
I looked down at the water.
Frothing and chruning.
Waves rising and falling to the infinate pulse of the ocean.
That's a long way down I whispered.
There were reassuring shouts behind me.
Don't worry he says. I've done this a million times.
Just jump, and soar.
So with a deep breath and a quick prayer I bend my knees and leap.
Arms out. Screaming like and idiot.
Wind rushing past my ears.
Heart beating like the wings of a humming bird.
Then I take the plunge.
The water is like ice.
Within seconds it penitrates my bones.
Freezing my very core.
When I break the surface I hear the splashes of my friends comiong down around me.
For a breif moment I think how interesting it is that no one landed on me.
But that's all forgoten as I start laughing like a lunatic.
Lets do that again!
He gives me a warm smile; I knew you would love it. Look;
Walking down this hallway.
It's strange not to hear the usual everyday noises.
Lockers slaming.
Girls giggling and exchanging the day's gossip.
Lockers have been emptied.
Desks cleaned.
Memories made.
I walked outside.
Take a look.
This is your future.
Grab a hold and never let it go.
You can be anything.
The possibilities are infinate.
But for now, lets just start by graduating.
<3 Jake, not Josh;
Walking down the hallway I run into a friend of a friend.
Well hey Josh!
Oh oh little lady, my name is Jake!
Well I'm sorry Jake.
The next day I met a friend of hers
Well hay Jack!
Not you too! My name is Jake!
Well I'm sorry Jake.
Just remember next time; Jake, not Josh.

-Inspired by Jake bauer. (:
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