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Pablo Fernández

on 4 October 2013

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Catering for Disabilities
Legal System
Computer Fraud
Computer fraud refers to the risks that someone runs online. The availability of new technologies such as mobile phones, palmtop computers and internet has made computer fraud much easier to happen. there are several ways fraud can be committed.
The term 'digital divide' refers to the gap between those who can have access to the computers and those who don't. There are many reasons:
Economic Factors
Many people may not have the access to computers and technology for terms of money.
Cultural Factors
This depends on groups of people such as the young, brainy or middle class
Geographical Factors
Availability of the Internet throughout the world shows large differences between world regions. This can be a result of:
Lack of internet access/infrastructure

Fear of Technology
Many people aren't fully confident when they use computers refuse to use it because the find it difficult to use or unable.
People who find any difficulties in the day-to day situations may take advantage of ICT to make their lives simpler.
Sticky Keys: something you use if you cant reach halfway across the keyboard to use a shortcut with Shift, Ctrl, or Alt.
Concept Keyboards:A concept keyboard refers to a flat board, which contains a grid of buttons. These buttons have the ability to be programmed so that they can do whatever you want.
Altering Sizes: Those who have sight problems may alter the size of the text to make it easier to read.
Speech recognition software: this will be suitable for the blind who may give instructions to the computer with the voice.
Working from home may be available with the use of ICT
Main legal information exposed
Increased influence with political representatives
The use of internet encourages political criticism in forms of forums, blogs, wikis...
Blogs: these were created by individuals to keep a record of their daily lives, similar to a diary.
Wikis: allow anybody to create web pages for a site of their own.
Increased involvement in focus groups

Focus groups: groups of people who are invited by the government body or businesses to discuss benefits and drawbacks of a product, usually used in market research.
1) Some fraudsters search in trash bins to steel documents which may contain bank account details or any other personal details which can be used to gain access to the person's money
2) Another way is to look over people's shoulders when they are filling any account or document were personal details are being exposed
3) People's post can be intercepted. Fraudsters redirect the post of that people to an address where they can collect it from.
4) Some fraudsters are able to access databases of financial records of companies by having a trustful position in the business and illegally accessing the records.
When fraudsters have this information about they are going to defraud they start to use the information to apply for credit, loans, to take over the individual's and buy goods over the internet.
PHISHING: “Phishing” is a form of Internet fraud where criminals aim to steal valuable information such as credit cards, social security numbers, user IDs and passwords for bank accounts.
They set up a fake website which looks identical to a legitimate company such as a bank or insurance company. They then try to trick people into logging into the site and giving their account details and security codes.
PHARMING: pharming redirects users to false websites without them even knowing it.
Home theatre: deigned to enable viewers that they are at the cinema/theater. Used with surround sound, large screens, clarity of picture and HD source.
Television: there are different kinds of television.
Music Centres- these can be equipped with frequency modulation, cassette deck, CD player, amplifier, speakers and USB port.
Interactive game consoles- they offer sophisticated graphics.
Projectors- can be used to view TV and video recordings or any presentation.
PROBLEMS: lack of security (payment secure, bid unsecure)
the website doesn't handle the quality of goods, goods can't be returned (supermarket- person in street.)
fee for creating an account depending on your status buyer-seller
Hackers may intercept any goods that were previously bought by the buyer by finding out the address details of the customer and intercepting the delivery person and provide any reason why they should take the goods
Booking systems may be a contract, engagement or scheduled performance of a professional entertainer. It affects the way customers buy tickets, particularly when some events can only be booked online.
Many people put their trust on travel agents for them to do the work and also to get the cheapest values.
Advantages of companies using online booking:
Travel agents and airlines don't have to rent high street premises, expensive
Companies can employ fewer staff and so have total wage bill
Travel agents and airlines don't have to pay running cost of a number of their offices for electricity, heating and lighting
Companies can attract more customers. (internet is used by many people so companies can advertise online)
Advantages to customers:
No need to spend money on transport going to and from travel agents, airline offices, etc.
People with disabilities find it easier than travelling to the company
Customers can make a booking at any time
Bookings can be done quicker (no discussing details)
No risk of double booking
Disadvantages to businesses:
Less peraonal touch (harder for companies to sell other services)
Potential for fraud (hackers)
Other costs involved in running the business (paying website developers)
Initial costs to start up
Information services
This provides users with information such as international trading, governments, academic institutions, stocks and shares, areas of public interest, educational research.
(local, regional, central)
As well as providing info. most governments also have departmental websites that allow individuals to apply for various services.
• international trading
• governments academic
• institutions
• stocks and shares
• areas of public interest
• educational research

Disadvantages to customers:
they must have internet access
risk of hackers intercepting data ant take money from the bank accounts
phone bills might increase because customers have to use phone line to carry out online booking
• income tax records
• tax collection payment
• budget calculations
• websites
• electoral register
• local tax records
• passports
• identity cards
• driving licenses

Being able to book appointments online makes it easier for the user.

Being able to book appointments online makes it easier for the user.

Uses of government information services
Central government- Inland revenue
Now it is possible for individuals to complete their tax forms online and then make payments. Most governments also use computer models of spending and income to calculate their budgets.
Local government:
Websites- local governments have websites in which they hold information about the services they offer and often they include online services.
Electoral register- it is now able to vote online
Local tax records- individuals can log on the local government website to pay their local tax online.
Use of ICT in teaching and learning
School, universities and colleges- advantages of using CAL (Computer Aided Learning) is that the computer never criticizes the student, being ever-patient regardless of the rate of progress. When using CAI (Computer Aided Instruction), the student can also be involved in structuring their own learning experience by choosing different pathways.
Antisocial use of ICT- There is a risk of students hacking into systems and amending results or question papers, so precautions are essential.
This occurs when one person has access to another's machine, either directly or indirectly
Misuse of personal data (Deleting personal data, amending personal data)

Social Factors
There are people who may have access to internet thanks to libraries, internet cafes...
Many people are not prepared to put in the time and effort to learn something new.
Lack of motivation
HOME entertainment
This is mainly a website that allows people to put items that they own up for sale. The owner of the items can put a reserve price on them. Other users are able to bid for the item and the owner will decide on who to sell it. Register is essential (bank account etc.)
Online booking systems usually offer features such as:
immediate confirmation that the booking has been made
no double booking of seats
printing out of electronic tickets (e-tickets) or booking confirmation
a virtual tour, for example of the hotel and its rooms or the plane/theatre/cinema seating arrangments
Booking Systems
It is mainly used by hackers to get into foreign personal data.
Antisocial use of ICT
It is important that students have knowledge and understanding of all aspects of ICT in education.
Forums: websites for holding discussions and postings.
Increased involvement in focus groups
With the new advances of ICT over the last few years have led to changes in the home entertainment. TV's can be combined to be a multi-use item and used as music center, video recorder and player.
Internet- the number of people online, increased connection speed, decrease connection costs or increase bandwidth have influenced the development of internet TV.
Terrestrial- (broadcast) programme providers use a powerful antenna at a broadcast centre to transmit the program signal.
Satellite- programmes on satellite TV and transmitted via communication satellites.
PAYPAL is the most popular e-commerce business that allow payment to be made through auction sites. When a payment is made by the buyer, the amount is deducted by the organization from the buyer's credit card account and credited to the seller's account.

I'd never given much thought to how I would die -- though I'd had reason enough in
the last few months -- but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.
I stared without breathing across the long room, into the dark eyes of the hunter, and he
looked pleasantly back at me.
Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved. Noble,
even. That ought to count for something.
I knew that if I'd never gone to Forks, I wouldn't be facing death now. But, terrified as I
was, I couldn't bring myself to regret the decision. When life offers you a dream so far
beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.
In the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, a small town named Forks
exists under a near-constant cover of clouds. It rains on this inconsequential town more
than any other place in the United States of America. It was from this town and its
gloomy, omnipresent shade that my mother escaped with me when I was only a few
months old. It was in this town that I'd been compelled to spend a month every summer
until I was fourteen. That was the year I finally put my foot down; these past three
summers, my dad, Charlie, vacationed with me in California for two weeks instead.
It was to Forks that I now exiled myself-- an action that I took with great horror. I
detested Forks.
I loved Phoenix. I loved the sun and the blistering heat. I loved the vigorous, sprawling
"Bella," my mom said to me -- the last of a thousand times -- before I got on the
Trading- Businesses need to be aware of regulations governing trading with other countries. Internet allows to carry out this trading and take less time to search info.
Governments- it is important the posting of their services on the internet.
Academic institutions- it is important for universities and colleges to show information online and persuade students to recruit them
Stocks and shares- Trading of stocks can be communicated through internet. They may provide up-to-date figures of prices of stocks and shares to enable businesses and individuals to manage their finance.
Public interest- Many websites have been set up to allow public access to info. that is considered to be in their interest.
Educational research- provides teachers with info about educational research.
Governments and internet security: When information that is sent and received it tends to be transferred through a secure socket layer connection. The aim of this is to ensure that data is not altered between the user's computer and the government server and that unauthorized users cannot read it.
Government security
Computer Aided-Assessment- the teacher will now be able to monitor the progress of each student using computer aided assessment, progress can be recorded for the teacher to examine whenever they want.
When customers want to make a booking they are offered a seatting plan of the theatre.
Customer discuss possible destination with travel agents who then asks about details of the type of hotel and flight required. Competition to online services.
Computer-based booking systems provide customers with the opportunity to select a cinema in an area of their choice and then choose the film. they are then offered different performance times.
There are systems where you might want to book an appointment with a doctor, a hair dresser, a dentist... (username...)
Passengers can book flights and select seats through the use of web pages.
Travellers type in the date of travel together with the departure and destination stations and the website will show the times of the trains that day.
Data Misue

If the wrong person has access to your data, they can misuse it in a variety of ways:
Data could be deleted (e.g. your bank balance could be wiped out)
Data could be changed (e.g. you could end up with a criminal record, for something you didn't do)
Data could be used for blackmail (e.g. your school record might contain information that you are embarrassed about, and someone might threaten to reveal it to the press!)
Data could be used to help someone impersonate you (e.g. they could apply for a bank loan in your name). This is known as Identity Theft
A Computer Virus is a software program that is designed to copy itself over and over again and to attach itself to other programs.

Spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages (spam), especially advertising, indiscriminately.
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