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Elijah Mccoy

Black History Month Project

Group A

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Elijah Mccoy

His Background Elijah McCoy Personality Elijah McCoy has worked hard to gain confidence and to overcome, at least to some extend, an in-born shyness. As a child, and into his early twenties, nervous energy may have caused Elijah to bite his nails or express his nervousness in other ways. He is extremely sensitive and intuitive.Elijah McCoy was really creative because he had invented the oilier machine for others to use instead of coal and a firebox to run the train.Elijah McCoy was also very smart because he had spent all of his money that he had earned for his lifetime on his family and his generations to come instead of building a big financial profit all for himself. As you may know, earning money in the 18 hundreds was really hard and even now it is still really hard. Elijah McCoy Significance Elijah McCoy A Famous inventor An Historical Black History Month Person and Inventor Who is Elijah McCoy? Elijah McCoy is a famous Black Canadian and a famous inventor. He was born on May 2ND 1844 and passed away on October 9th 1929.Elijha McCoy was born in Colchester, Ontario. His parent's names were George and Emillia McCoy, former slaves from Kentucky who escaped through the Underground Railroad. His father George raised his family as free Canadians citizens. Elijah McCoy has made many great things over the years. That is who Elijah McCoy is. Elijah McCoy had to face a lot obstacles. One obstacle that he had to face was that his parents were slaves from Kentucky and they did not have enough money. Also Elijah had to study in Scotland while Civil War in America broke out. Another obstacle is that Elijah moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan but he was not able to find work there as a engineer. He was also forced to take on a position as a fireman/ oilman on The Michigan Central Railroad. Finally, Elijah had to burn coal in trains. His job as a fireman was difficult and dangerous.
Back in the 1800s' many people had a very hard time working. Elijah McCoy had worked very hard to get the coal to the fire boat. Since the fire was so hot, it could make it harder.Elijah would be very tired when he got home. This is a very hard challenge for Elijah McCoy. Below you can find an image of the train that Eijah Mccoy used to work in. Obstacles This is one of Elijah McCoy's quotes:
"The Real McCoy" it means that they want the real thing- no knockoffs, no substitutes. &"At the time I was arrested, I had no idea it would turn into this. It was just a day like any other day. The only thing that made it significant was that the masses of the people joined in." This means that segregation was so awful that prison felt the same way. Elijah McCoy Quotes This is picture of Elijah McCoy before his death This is a picture of Elijah McCoy's invention By: Harkirat,Navdeep,Liveesh,Manraj,Agambir,Amatul,Kabir and Amant Elijah’s childhood was different from ours. He received 160 acres of farmland near Colchester, Ontario where they lived. Here, he raised a family of 12 children. As a boy, he was fascinated with tools and machines. At the age of 16, he traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, to serve an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering. In Edinburgh McCoy won the credentials of a master mechanic and engineer. Later he had gotten a job as a fireman and oilier on the Michigan Central Railroad in 1870. This type of fireman is not like the firemen that work with the police, but this one takes care of the oil in the trains. Work as a fireman was a far cry from engineering, but it proved to be a physically demanding job. As a fireman, McCoy had to shovel coal into the firebox of the locomotive, at the rate of 2 tons per hour. He also had to walk around the locomotive and lubricate its moving parts using an oilcan during frequent stops. It was a tough job. McCoy left the Michigan Central in 1882 and moved to Detroit, where he got a great deal of time to his inventions. He also worked as an industrial consultant, assisting the Detroit Lubricator Company and other firms. The technical demands of railroads soon provided him with further challenges. While McCoy's inventions made millions of dollars, little of this money reached his pockets. McCoy received at least 72 patents during his lifetime, most of which dealt with lubricating devices, but retained ownership of only a few of them. In1868, McCoy married Ann Elizabeth Stewart; she died in 1872, at the age of 25. A year later, he married Mary Eleanora Delaney. This marriage lasted half a century, but they did not have any children. This is a photograph of the train that Elijah McCoy had worked on. This is Elijah McCoy when he was in his his early 20's There is only one main and specific reason for why Elijah McCoy is known. Elijah McCoy is famous because he made a device that allowed machines to be lubricated while they were still in operation in 1872. He had thought that this device is going to be really helpful in his present and for not only his future but for other engineers which is absolutely the what had happened. He had also made it thinking that it will help trains go without stopping and made it less dangerous.This is what he is specifically known for. This is a video based on Elijah McCoy This is a picture of Elijah Mcoy Lastly she had also said:
"I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear."
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