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The War is Won!

No description

Marcus Grice

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of The War is Won!

They fell for it. Attack!!! The War is Won! By: Dani, Kenzie,
Leslie, Kaci, and Marcus The British THOUGHT they would be
attacked in New York, but
they had a surprise coming. George Washington ambushed the British at Yorktown.
Eventually Cornwallis had to surrender because the Americans were too powerful. To win, takes stragedy. George Washington is a genius. Plan, trick, motivation, attack! Victory is Ours! Through all the struggles, the battles, and the misery, the Americans came out successful and independent in the end. George Washington's plan: What the British Thought: By By: Dani, Kenzie, Marcus, Kaci, Leslie.... and

last but certainly not the least George Washington, the man who made it all possible!! Sources
Pictures found: Google and Yahoo
Information found: Social Studies book
Videos made: xtranormal.com
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