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Business Proposal

No description

Michiko Taro

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Proposal

Benefits from the Company Bulk Assessment Company Why Bulk Assessment 1000~3000 Yen/ Inquiry Profitable! Trusted by the Majority Cheaper than Auction Development of Website Around 30 Assessment Companies will be Targeted in the First Three Years Within 5 years 50 Assessment Companies and Dealers will be the Targeted Cost Effective No Geographical Limitations within Japan Inquiries to Subsidiary Companies of SBT Japan Registration of the Company Search Engine Optimization Branding Contact Assessment Companies in Japan Contact the Local Dealers and Exporters Budget Competitors Car View Number of Clients : 19 Car Sensor Number of Clients : 18 GOO-Net Number of Clients : 11 Kakaku.Com Number of Clients: 30 A-Satei Number of Clients : 29 Hikaku Satei Number of Clients : 35 Buy-Car Japan Number of Clients : 35 Target Audience Customers : Individuals and Institutions looking to sell cars/ get the value of the cars Clients : Assessment companies who will be purchasing inquiries Competitive Advantage The Market Exists Sell Inquiries on Lower Price Easier and User Friendlier Website and Inquiry Form Virtual Company Second ~ Fifth Year Budget for Second ~ Fifth Year Earnings Before Taxation No Time Laps In House Development Bulk Assessment Project Please consider our proposal! For a brighter future of SBT Co., = Profitable! Increase in Number of Inquiries = Increase in Conversion Rate Increase in Conversion Rate = More Stock in PMGT More Stock in PMGT = Profit for SBT Co.,
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