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Bauhaus vs. Swiss/International Design

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on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Bauhaus vs. Swiss/International Design

4. How does this design influence design today?
Swiss Style - The Swiss style influences design today because of its minimalism and attention to detail. Swiss style is as strong as its ever been because people will always be able to appreciate stylistic simplicity. Swiss style design is everywhere, from road signs to fashion, Swiss style has remained the epitome of graphic design.
1. Describe what each movement/style means. Are they political movements? What is happening in the world while this style is popular?
Bauhaus - The Bauhaus movement is about reuniting creativity with manufacturing in the 19th century during a period where product design and art was losing its importance in society. I don’t think The Bauhaus was intended to be part of any political movements, but being that it was located in Germany and existing in a timespan between World War 1 and World War 2, it ended up being a part of political history.The Bauhaus style has stood the test of time, so it is still popular, but during the schools existence from 1919-1930, a lot was going on in Germany. World War 1 had finished in 1917 and Germany had lost, so depression was apparent. Some time later down the line The Nazi party was making it mark in Germany which caused the Bauhaus to close down, and a couple years later World War 2 Had started.
1. Describe what each movement/style means. Are they political movements? What is happening in the world while this style is popular?
Swiss/International Design - The Swiss style is about minimalistic design with crystal clear legibility and objectivity. It heavily relied on geometric forms, grids, helvetica typefaces, photography, and lowercase letters. The Swiss style is not a political movement, but it did help design a less radical design motif that political movements and corporations could use. The Swiss style was at it’s peak from 1945-1985 and a lot had happened in the world in those 40 years. World War 2 ended, the hippie movement blossomed, the civil rights movement was going on, and many more influential moments had arose in those 40 years. The world was rapidly changing and Swiss design kept its composure with its slick minimalistic design
4. How does this design influence design today?
Bauhaus - The Bauhaus style influences design today mainly through it’s architecture. Most luxury architectures today seem to be influenced by the beautiful simplicity of the Bauhaus exterior and interior design. In terms of graphic design, the Bauhaus style has stood the test of time and can be frequently seen in magazine ads, posters, and all sorts of modern media.
2. Compare: How are they ALIKE?
The Bauhaus and Swiss Style have very similar aspects in their layouts and motifs. They both use complete use of the grid and implement minimalistic designs with geometric shapes. The utilization of tilted information is apparent in both styles, as with the use of simple fonts. The color pallet for both styles are more or less the same.
3. Contrast: How are they DIFFERENT?
The Bauhaus and Swiss Style have different ways of utilizing information and have distinct artistic elements. The Bauhaus style is more or less the same with the same tilted information and geometric shapes, while the Swiss style may vary in how it may want to display its information. The Swiss style uses the element of photography a lot more and a lot better than Bauhaus does. The fonts both styles used were very different as well, with Bauhaus using a wider array of fonts in its design, while Swiss Style uses strictly Helvetica. The use of transparency is also a lot more apparent in Swiss style than to Bauhaus. Bauhaus has roots with architecture, making the style more than just graphic design. One of the biggest differences I’ve found from both styles is that Swiss design can be better used to create a corporate identity more internationally because of it’s supreme minimalism, abstractness, and legibility. Bauhaus design can also be used to create a corporate identity, but it’s design layout serves a better purpose for posters.
Bauhaus vs. Swiss/International Design
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