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Characterization Project

No description

Nour Azzam

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Characterization Project

Desdemona's Matchmaking
"And so, horrified, my grandmother had resumed an activity at which she had tried her hand once before,with decidedly mixed results. Desdemona was matchmaking again." (172)
Desdemona's Prayers
"Please St.Christopher",' "Desdemona kissed her fingertips and touched them to the saint's forehead,"if you keep Miltie safe in the war,I will make him promise to go back to Bithynios and fix the church." (191)
For short time elderly colored women began to hold the same superstitions my grandmother did,believing for instance, that a running rabbit meant your were coming into money or that a black bird on a telephone line argued that somebody was about to die. (206)
Desdemona against Lefty's Gambling
"The gambling fever he had for 26 months broke,sending a last wave of heat over his skin[..] The earsplitting cry my grandma let out when she learned of the disaster cannot be done." (207-208)
Thank you!
Desdemona's superstitions
"Desdemona performed the first of the many prognostications that would end with me.","You don't want a girl.Girls are too much trouble.You have to worry about them going with the boys." (118)
Characterization Project

"Desdemona had no idea what was happening. She didn't envision her inside as a vast computer code, all 1's and O's, an infinity of sequence, anyone of which might contain a bug. Now we know we carry this map of ourselves around. Even as we stand on the street corner, it dictates our destiny. (37)
Theme: The silk worm road
Desdemona's Prayers
"yeah,sure," my father said when her got the letter. "St.Christopher to the rescue." (191)
Desdemona's Ignorance
"she stops before the vigil light to pray
to the All-Holly:"Please don't let my baby be this
thing a hemophiliac.Lefty and I didn't know what we were doing.Please I swear I will never have another baby.Just this one." (119)
By: Nour Azzam and Ashley Barron
In conclusion Desdemona's character was very
critical to the book, she helped tell the story of where and why Cal the main character turned out the way he did. She highlights the meaning of family and destiny to show Cal's life. She also shows what a greek/turkish family does for each other. And he story with Lefty coming to America shows how she had to go and get a job but really spend her entire life worrying,praying for things to happen and others not happening.
How Desdemona and Cal are Foils of each other.
Both went lost their identity and gender.
Desdemona lives through two personalities and two cultures but Cal lives through two genders.
They both cut their hair when they change gender/identity.
Theme: The silkworm road
The silk worm road is a big theme in Middle Sex, but in history the "Silk Road" is a route between China and the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road isn't a straight path it has many turns just like Desdemona and Cal's lives, they both go through identity changes and Cal goes through identity changes.
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