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18549 Team 14 Project Proposal

No description

Jessica Lo

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of 18549 Team 14 Project Proposal

Questions? Suggestions?
Comments? Concerns? Requirements Functional Requirements
Phone's screen should be projected onto the reflective material
Kinect should detect location of the user's fingers
The Kinect should forward any touch motions
Timing Requirements
The phone should receive touch/tap information with little delay and react to the gesture Competitive Analysis Displair
Coachella 2013
Microsoft's Vermeer Technical Specifications 1080p HD Projector (ideally)
Highly Reflective Surface (suggestions?)
X-Box Kinect
Windows phone/laptop Team 14 AKA Joseph Lee Eshan Chordia Gautham Nagaraju Jessica Lo Concept/Motivation The goal of this project is to create an interactive holographic display of a phone or laptop.
You should be able to control your phone and it applications simply through the hologram. Architecture Anticipated Risks The projector may not be able to project a high resolution image onto the reflecting surface to get the virtual image
We may have to work a lot with getting the angles right for the reflection
It will be difficult to map the computer/phone into mid air
Different perspectives may map positions differently
The Kinect's reaction time of determining the user's hands and fingers' positions may be slow Final Demo A live holographic feed of everyone entering the gym
Allow zooming in onto one person
Play a first person shooter game Kinect Hologram
Projector Phone/
Laptop Hologram Projector Architecture Reflecting Surface Virtual
Image Projector The Hologramzer Team
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