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Computer Components

No description

Natalie Sargeant

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Computer Components

Computer Components Processor CPU - The brain for the computer. Motherboard - Acts as a main circuit board that connects and communicates to other devices. BIOS - Basic input/output system - is responsible for bootstrapping the computer Power Supply - Supplies the computer with power Fan and heat sink or cooling - works together to cool down the system Hard Drive - serves as a bootable device containing operating system information as well as storage for a computer's data and a person's files Ports - is a connection between the computer and another device Internal Memory - is used to store data that is used by the system Specialized Cards - Expansion slots allow the life of a computer to be
extended. They allow you to add specialized
cards to your PC, e.g. for a modem, a sound card and/
or an NIC. An operating system, or OS, is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. Without a computer operating system, a computer would be useless. Two types of operating systems are: Windows 7 and Apple OS X. Some features of Windows 7 are: Windows Search, Jump Lists, Personal Features, Snap, Windows Essential, Windows taskbar, Full 64-bit support, Performance improvements, Play To, Remote Media Streaming, Windows Touch. The features of an Apple OS X are: ICloud, Reminders, Notes, Messages, Notification Centre, Power Nap, Dictation, Sharing, Facebook, Twitter, Airplay, Game Centre, Gate Keeper, Safari, Windows Search, Jump Lists and having Personal features. These are good as by having a windows search it allows you to find anything on your computer very quickly. Jump lists are an advantage as it is a quick and easy way to access all of your favourite pictures, songs etc. By having personal feature it allows the user to personalise their computer. ICloud is good because it keeps all
of your mail, calenders and contacts
and more up to date whenever
you use them. ICloud works together
with your Mac,Ipod,Iphone and Ipad so whenever
you delete something on your mac, it deletes
off of your iphone, ipod and ipad.
Dictation is good as it changes your words into
text, So you can speak anything and it will
write it down. This is good as it is a fast and
easy way to text. Notes is another good feature
as it ables you to write down whatever you are thinking, and also include images and attachments. Processor, Motherboard,BIOS, Power Supply, Fan and heat sink cooling, Hard Drive, Ports, Internal Memory, Specialised cards. Linux is another form of an operating system. I think for a brand new web development, the company should use this system as it would be best. An operating system is the software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals Software Utilities:
Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. The utility software focuses mainly on how the computer infrastructure, including hardware and application software, operates EXAMPLES:
Virus Protection
Drive formatting
Clean up tools Firewall
Fire walls build a protective barrier around computers that are connected to a network, so that only some programs can access data. The user can then control which software is allowed to pass data in an out of the system.
Improving the computer:
The reason to have this is to protect from hackers etc. Virus Protection
PC's are often attached by viruses that arrive with emails or on the internet. Anti virus software checks for "intruders". It traces viruses by spotting the virus signature. A Virus signature is a sequence of characters which the anti-virus software gleans by analysing the virus code.
Improving The computer:
The reason to have virus protection on your computer is to protect your computer from unwanted virus' Drive formatting
For media to be recognised by your computer it needs to be "formatted". There are two stages of physical formatting and logical formatting. Physical formatting tests the surface and scans for imperfections. Logical formatting is where it prepares the disk by setting up a file system, knowing how files and folders are stored.
Improving the computer use:
It will wipe the computer clean, which in turn will make the computer run alot faster. Clean up tools
Over a period of time a computer can become "cluttered" with data that you don't need. Each time that you visit a new website and register to it, a cookie is most likely left on your PC. Cookies are useful as they hold all information and save you from entering your previous details again. However, if you don't revisit the website, you may want to remove them all from your system. Internet history is useful because you can use it to go back to previous sites that you were on. However, internet history takes up a lot of space.
Improving the Computer:
By cleaning up your computer it makes it perform alot faster and quicker. Examples of backing storage are, Disks, Pen Drives, External hard drives, and Portable and fixed hard drives.
Disks are an old way of backing up data or storing data. Pen drives and flash memory cards are the newer way to store and back up information. Pen drives are small devices that can be used to transfer files. Flash memory cards are mostly used in cameras and they can hold all of your images untill you upload them on your computer.
Drives were located within casing, but most recently external hard drives have been developed and this gives the option to move a hard drive from one computer to another. Like pen drives, they are small and portable and are easy to store data. Due the backing storage devices being developed, it has an increased capacity making it easier to store a lot of data. Backing Storage: Peripherals: Input Devices are things such as cameras, scanners and keyboards etc. These all provide the user with a way to put data on to the computer and to tell the computer what to do. For example, the mouse creates a demand as you click on what you want to open/select.
Output devices are things such as monitors, and printers that present the results. Input and output devices need to be connected to the processor by appropriate cabling such as coaxial, optical.
Coaxial is an older method of cabling networks. The advantage of coaxial cabling is that it can handle high signal, such as television, it is flexible and reliable. Linux isn't as popular as Windows or Apple but it is a very good operating system. The reason why Linux is good for a brand new company is because it has a low susceptibility to virus'. A new company would want to use this software as they wouldn't want all of their work to get virus'. Linux is also free compared to the high priced windows and apple. By Natalie Sargeant Slave Drive - The slave drive sees only the data that is passed to it by the master drive.
SATA - This means Serial Advanced Technology Attachement. This is for connecting adapter to mass storage devices such as hard disk dives and optical drives.
Master Drive - The master drive handles all of the traffic on the IDE cabl. It contains is own data and passes on data to the slave drive.
IDE - This stands for Integrated drive electronics. It is a standard electronic interface between a computer motherboard and the computer disk storage. PORTS
USB- is a high speed serial connection that supports low speed devices and high speed devices.
Parallel - A connector for a device that sends or receives several bits of data simultaneously by using more than one wire.
Serial - A connector by which a device that sends data one bit at a time may be connected to a computer. INTERNAL MEMORY
RAM - stands for random access memory. provides space for your computer to read and write data to be accessed by the CPU
ROM - computer memory chips containing permanent or semi-permanent data. It is non-volaile and this means that after the power supply is off, it does not lose data.
Cache- This is a store on a computer hard drive of all of the web resources visited by the user. http://www.brighthub.com/computing/mac-platform/articles/73326.aspx The two operating systems have
different features How do software utilities improve a computer system:
Increase speed
better performance
loads quicker
start up quicker
shut down quicker
help with identity theft
more space
fix courrput files

Virus Protection - Will help to protect against any unwanted virus', and in turn this will then speed up the computer system, giving the computer a better performance. This is good for the computer because it will perform at a faster rate, and wont be slow for the person to use.
Fire Wall - this will help to protect against hackers. By having a Fire Wall, this will improve the performance of the computer and the user can then control exactly what software is allowed to pass data in and out of the system.
Clean Up Tools - These can be used to unclutter the computer system, which in turn will then make the computer perform a lot faster, help with identity theft and gives you alot more space. Clean up tools are useful because if you dont remove the cookies from your user, someone can copy and paste these into their own user area and steal all of your identity and information. However, you dont have to use the clean up tools as it will get rid of most things on your computer such as saved passwords etc.
Drive formatting - will wipe the computer clean, which in turn will make the computer run alot faster and it will start and shut down alot quicker. By doing this, it will also give the computer alot more space and will also perform alot faster.
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