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Understanding SBAC and DOK

A closer look at Smarter Balanced Assessments and Depth of Knowledge - ELA

Sara Parenzin

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Understanding SBAC and DOK

50-60% will be DOK 1-2
Webb's DOK and Bloom's Taxonomy
A Closer Look at

Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC)
Smarter claims
Wrap Up
Implications - What are they?
3-2-1 Bridge
Understanding DOK
Performance Task
Webb's DOK
Degree of
of knowledge reflected in the standards
Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
SBAC Sample Items
Cognitive Rigor Matrix
to which we expect students to demonstrate understanding of that content in order to successfully complete a task
Focus is on the
Bloom's Taxonomy
remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, creating
Webb's DOK
focus on
depth of rigor
- what comes
the verbs
Both require mental processing!
More about DOK
difficulty vs. complexity
4 levels
DOK Wheel
Oatmeal raisin cookie
Sample tasks
Sorting activity
Cognitive Rigor Matrix
Combines Bloom's and Webb's
Importance of balance
Little Red Riding Hood
DOK1: Recall and reproduction
DOK2: Skill/concept
DOK3: Strategic thinking
DOK 4: Extended thinking
the rest will be DOK 3 (
constructed response
1 will be DOK 4 (
performance task
3rd - 6th Grade Samples
3-2-1 Bridge Closing
What is Smarter Balanced?
DOK 1:
What kind of cookie is it?
What is oatmeal?
What is a raisin?
DOK 2:
How do you bake it?
How do you follow a recipe?
DOK 3:
DOK 4:
How would you bake the cookies at a
higher altitude?
How would you bake the cookies with missing ingredient?
Design a healthier cookie.
Take the skills you learned baking cookies and apply them to baking a turkey.
DOK 1:
DOK 2:
DOK 3:
DOK 4:
List animals that survive by eating other animals
Define the term raku
Name the main character
Describe physical features of Greece
Identify elements of music using musical terminology
Compare desert and tropical environments
Categorize paintings into the correct artistic period
Classify plane and three dimensional figures
Describe various styles of music
Explain, generalize or connect ideas using supporting evidence from a text or source
Compare consumer actions and analyze how these actions impact the environment
Analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of the concept of "groove" in a musical composition
Gather, analyze, organize, and interpret information from multiple (print and non print sources) to draft a reasoned report
Specify a problem, identify solution paths, solve the problem, and report the results
Write and produce an original play

Review and "unpack" a PT
Review SBAC PT
Review the stimulus
Review the questions for Part 1 and the Scoring Rubrics
Review the prompt for Part 2 and the Scoring Rubrics
Review the Task Specifications (including DOK, claims and targets)
(consider DOK and SBAC)
Thank you!
Smarter Balanced is the name of a state-led consortium that is developing assessments aligned to the CCSS in ELA and math
What are the overall learning goals and expectations, including cognitive demand, of the unit?
Does the cognitive demand of the assessments match the stated learning expectations/goals?
Do the learning activities and tasks in the unit have the coherence and increasing cognitive rigor to get students there?
Can you see the value and practicality of using the CRM when unit/lesson planning?
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