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Education As A Necessity Of Life

No description

Lien Nguyen

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Education As A Necessity Of Life

Education As A Necessity Of Life
John Dewey

John Dewey

Everyone is subject to change
No environment is static thus affecting human experience & growth

“The most notable distinction between living and inanimate things is that the former maintain themselves by

: A process completed by taking action upon the environment

Evolution, Adaptation, Survival of the Fittest

Social Life:

Life is not only physiological, but it involves experience, emotion, character development

of life through shared social customs, beliefs, morays

transference of force between machines or mechanisms
, (often with changes of torque and speed.)

- Passing of patterns of doing, thinking, and feeling via communication

Forms of Education:

1. Schools and Learning Institutions

2. Direct Association

Education and Communication
Renewal of Life by Transmission
Contrast of the mature and immature

"... the fact that some are born as some die, makes possible through
of ideas and practices the constant reweaving of the social fabric."

Humans vs. Animals: Original Efficiency

"In final account, then, not only does
social life

demand teaching and learning for its own permanence, but the very process of living together

- John Dewey
Community and Communication
- common social understanding, not proximity

Example: Machine Cogs

"Consensus demands communication."
Experimentalism (Instrumentalism)
Associated with Pragmatism
Functional Psychology: mental changes and behavioral differences as a result of active adaption to one's environment
Thus the emphasis of Human Experience
"Life is a self-renewing process through action upon the environment."
Works and Beliefs
Heavy emphasis on the place of formal education
Democracy and Education (1916)
Democracy as the best form of government
Transactional relationships & community
The Place of Formal Education
The "Savage" Society
Formal education is absurd!



Direct education through apprenticeship, practice, simple training, & course instruction

Societal duty: elders responsibility to impart onto youth special skills & knowledge
Youth emulate adult situations, learning how they are

"Dramatic plays" to develop socially

Knowledge gained unconsciously, human interaction
Why it's obsolete?
"Savage" societies are simple
The capacities between the young and the adults are widening
Societies are becoming more complex, with an emphasis on output from specialized individuals
Need for Formal Schooling...
Pass on knowledge/skills otherwise unattainable through simple instruction
Further progress/adaptation (
"Mastery" and exclusivity
Certain group delegated to educate youth
Lose vital social characteristics that keeps society cohesive
Formal instruction becomes "dead," "remote," & "abstract
conscious life becomes distant, vital experience fails to gain meaning
"Hence one of the weightiest problems with which the philosophy of education has to cope is the method of keeping a proper balance between the
and the
, the
and the
, modes of education."
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