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Sonnet Poem

No description

Naomi Amadoro

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Sonnet Poem

Here's an example
My Example
Summer is a time of fun and games
Summer is when kids come out to play
summer is a time when you can’t sit in shame
Just go outside and play all day

Summer is a good time to go to the beach
And while you’re there you can sit and tan
Or you can just have a sweet and yummy peach
You can even see the ice-cream man

Summer’s a time to sit in the hot sun
That’s when most people go for a swim
After that people just have tons of fun
Then everyone plays till the sky gets dim

Summer does eventually end
But don’t worry it will come again.

What is a Sonnet?
A sonnet is a 14 line poem with a variable rhyme scheme.

How do I make a Sonnet poem?
By Naomi Amadoro
Sonnet Poem
What is it about?
Now what?
Thanks for Watching!
In the last lines there is a “turn” or clarification.

Typically is written about something special to you.

First you have to chose a rhyme scheme, I chose ABAB CDCD EFEFG

Next, you’re going to pick a topic, remember to pick something special to you

Now, you just have to start writing.
Candy is always a sweet yummy treat.
it also comes in all different cool shapes.
Candy might look like a dull white sheet.
Maybe it will look like flaming red capes.

I think candy is very delicious.
Candy can look like a cookie that's blue.
I think candy is bubblelicious.
Candy can be a sweet sugary blue.

It is also in all different flavors.
Candy can be orange or bubble gum.
There are so many other candy flavors.
I love sweet and sugary candy. Yum!

Candy is a sweet yummy treat
Candy is always edible to eat.
Shakespeare was know for writing sonnets.
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