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Digital Art


Barbara Chami

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Digital Art

Digital Art
Ziarek; The work of Art in the age of its electronic mutability (2005)
Groys; From Imae to Image File – and Back: Art in the Age of Digitalization (2008)


Case introduction: Life Writer, from Enter Action, by Sommerer & Mignonea
Visual image icon
Visual manifestation
Copy (object) / original (event)

Loss of aura
Exhibition value
Invisible Image File
The Invisible God/Idea

Lots of aura
Cult value

Art Vs. Entertainment

Art Vs. Entertainment

Art expose/reflect upon technology

Active/ intervention (interactors)

Aura/not reproducible (original?) event
Interactive art: transformative, mutative and open work; success dependent on the inter-actors

Hidden technology

Passive/ affirmation(audience)
Uncritical consumption
(unreflected upon)

Loss of aura/ reproducible
Film: static, finished/closed work
Art Vs. Technolgy
Reflect and stage the technification of being (= critical reflective potential)
Allow us to reflect ontologically on different ´types´ of reality
technological techne vs. poietic techne (Heidegger)
Manipulation/ domination
Everything is real!
Everything is translatable as information

Avant-Garde & Digital
disavowal of art’s auratic status
disclamation of the art object itself.
Art as event as opposed to an aesthetic experience
The merging of art with technology (the end of the separation between art and life)

Questions for Debate
How can we think of art as differentiated from technology? Where is the limit? Does digital art not disclose art as techne/technology?!
Can art manipulate or be political?
Should art be entertainment?



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Critical reflection

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