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Renewal Process

No description

Paul Murray

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Renewal Process

The BNI 90 Day Renewal Process
Month 1 - Application
Renewal Date is 1st November 2013
90 Days prior - Member completes and submits a Renewal Application to the Secretary Treasurer

i.e. anytime after 1st August

The Renewal Form looks like this.................
Month 2 - Approval
Renewal Date is 1st November 2013
60 Days prior - Membership Committee considers all Renewal Applications and makes one of three conclusions.........
Renewal approved unconditionally
Renewal approved
Renewal refused

i.e. at Membership Committee meeting on Thursday 5th September
Month 3 - Payment
Renewal Date is 1st November 2013
Renewal is not automatic

Increase activity in August

Individual Concerns

Support & Advice
Membership Renewals

BNI Renewal is not automatic
Subject to Membership Committee approval
The 90 Day (3 Month) Process
Month One - Application
Month Two - Approval
Month Three - Acceptance & Payment

30 Days prior - Fees must be paid
Cleared funds should be at Regional Office by Tuesday 1st October
Renewing Members will be 'welcomed back' at the meeting on Thursday 3rd October
Who is up for renewal?
1st November
Sue Allison
Camille Aryeetey
Jonathan Davies
Richard Forrest
Liz Gerrard
Paul Lavery
Lisa Nuttall
Geraint Williams
Criteria for Approval
The guidance criteria is as follows and aligns with other BNI Chapters:

1. Members in the
in the traffic lights issued at the end of August will
not have their applications reviewed
and as such their
categories will be opened

2. Members in the
will have their applications carefully considered and
conditions attached
to renewal approvals.

3. Members in
will have their applications considered and they should have the expectation that
approval is likely

What conditions might be attached ?

Joe Bloggs
- approved with the following conditions

o Bringing 2 eligible visitors between 8th July and 1st September

o Having 4 One2One’s with Chapter colleagues between 8th July and 1st September

o Providing 2 written testimonials between 8th July and the 1st September

o Attending 1 training workshop (preferably MSP) between 8th July and
the 1st September
has booked on to MSP for 5th August afternoon session)

As a committee we have been
reminded that renewal of membership
is not automatic. To be considered for
renewal ALL members should have:
1. Attended at least one training session in the 3 months
leading up to the committee meeting on the 5th September,
when renewal forms will be considered

a. The committee has made arrangements for a workshop
VCP - How to get more business from people you already know
to be held here at the Woodcote on
Thursday 22nd August

b. There are additional training opportunities as follows:
Monday 5th August
- Member Success Training
Thursday 29th August
- Referral Skills Workshop
Wednesday 4th September
- Leadership Team Training

2. Achieved an average contribution rate of 1 per meeting
in the 3 months leading up to the committee meeting
on 5th September. For the avoidance of doubt a
contribution is a:

So, whose been on Training ?
Member Training Report

Running User Paul Murray

Region Name Cheshire & North Wales Chapter Name Stanley


Chapter: Stanley Show: Members who have attended

Events: All Run At 31/07/2013 20:06

From: 01/06/2013

To: 31/08/2013

First Name Last Name Event Date Event Type

Peter Brett Jun 10, 2013 Member Success Program

Whose made Contributions?
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