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Evanna Lynch

No description

Emily Callander

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch
Harry Potter Background
In 2003 (when Evanna was was 11), she was disappointed that she would miss the release of the Order of the Phoenix as she had been hospitalized due to her anorexia
"The only actor or actress who has ever, ever intruded while writing was Evanna Lynch, who is absolutely perfect as Luna. And I must admit I heard her voice in my head when I wrote my book. I love Evanna. She's fantastic. She was perfectly cast, she was... She won't mind me saying this, she is completely cool with this, she is Luna! She is very Luna-esque in personality, and is spot on for me."
-J.K. Rowling
Final Question
Which theory do you think BEST explains the personality and behavior of your subject?
She was released that day to receive a signed copy from J.K. Rowling herself
On that day, she dressed in total Harry Potter gear (T-shirts, glasses, writing "I love Harry Potter" down her arms)
Her father flew her out to audition for the part of Luna, while her mother did not believe that she had a chance of getting the part
She wrote letters to Rowling, and she responded with words of encouragement, telling her she could try out for the part of Luna if she beat her anorexia
How is she linked to Luna?
All of Evanna's cast mates said that she was made to play the role of Luna, and J.K. Rowling said she was "Perfect"
Evanna's favourite quote from Luna is
"You're just as sane as I am"
Evanna's Personality
Evanna has been sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore, much to her surprise. She claimed it was the cause of an identity crisis for her.
Evanna has been described as:
"Completely insane"
super-bright, super-perceptive and super intuitive
Evanna is ruled more by her superego, because she is much more likely to think things through and do the right, or more "socially appropriate" thing. She is very reliable, and most often puts others first. She is not usually very impulsive, instead taking the time to plan and choose her actions very carefully.
Extroversion: 36
Agreeableness: 65
Conscientiousness: 53
Neuroticism: 12
Openness: 66
While Evanna may be able to go out and talk to lots of people, she would prefer to spend her time alone. She is open towards her castmates/new people, but would prefer to sit down and read a novel such as Harry Potter
She is very reliable. This is shown in her life because she helps out with causes such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland and The Harry Potter Alliance, of which she is a member of the Board of Advisors.
While she did battle with anorexia, she is now much more controlled and less stressed. Like Luna, she is calm under usually stressful situations, such as auditioning for a new part
This means that she is quite open to trying new things. Of course, the best example of this would be her flying out to audition for Luna
A score of 65 means that typically she will do what makes others happy, but will still fight for what she wants. A good example of this is defying her moms wish for her to not try out for Luna, and flying to the audition anyways.
What role does genetics have in this?
Traits on the Big 5 Test
Friendliness: 49
Gregariousness: 50
Assertiveness: 19
Activity Level: 41
Excitement-Seeking: 41
Cheerfulness: 39
Trust: 48
Morality: 71
Altruism: 52
Cooperation: 89
Modesty: 69
Sympathy: 20
Self-Efficacy: 21
Orderliness: 44
Dutifulness: 83
Achievement-Striving: 71
Self-Discipline: 54
Cautiousness: 42
Anxiety: 7
Anger: 13
Depression: 34
Self-Consciousness: 57
Immoderation: 4
Vulnerability: 24
Imagination: 90
Artistic Interests: 61
Emotionality: 31
Adventurousness: 61
Intellect: 57
Liberalism: 49
How is this connected to her genetics?
Her extroversion has to do with her parents genetics. Her parents settled in a quiet little town, and her mom didnt want her to try out for the part of her dreams, because she knew Evanna would have to fly out of her comfort zone. This is also like her character Luna, who is quite quiet and an introvert herself
Her neuroticism has more to do with the experiences she has had. She's had to over come anorexia, and that has changed her personality. It has made her love life more, and go for more opportunities. It has also taught her not to worry as much, and to not get anxious about things, just deal with them
All and all, the experiences Evanna has had shaped her personality more then her genetics.
A lot of her conscientiousness has come from her fellow cast mates. While Luna was shy and cautious before, they told her to open up and be herself. This resulted in her cautiousness trait to go down. Another example is when she sent letters to J.K. Rowling. Rowling told her to follow her dreams, and this may very well be the reason that her achievement-striving trait is so high.
The best theory that describes Evanna is the Big 5 Personality Test. While the ID theory may explain some aspects of her personality, it doesn't describe all of it. The Big 5 Test has 300 questions to evaluate you, therefore it shows that everyone's personality was unique. It categorizes your personality into 5 main sections, and there are 6 sub-sections in each. This way you can see what parts contribute to what. And they rate each trait on a scale on 100, so you can get more accurate results this way. This is why this is the best theory to describe Evanna Lynch
"People like her because she's like a breath of fresh air because in the fifth book it gets so dark and Harry's always cross. And then every time Luna comes in all the tension goes and she makes you laugh because she's so funny and really honest. I don't know how much I'm like her, there are some similarities but I'm more determined than her."
Evanna on why she's like Luna:
Full Name: Evanna Patricia Lynch
Born: August 16, 1991 in Termonfeckin, Ireland
She has 2 older sisters (Emily and Mairead) and 1 older brother (Patrick)
Her fathers name was Donal, and her mothers was Marguerite
She is a vegetarian
She battled anorexia for 2 years (2003-2005)
Attended the Centre for the Talented Youth of Ireland (CTYI)
Trademark: Her gentle voice
She's a total cat-lover
Speaks English, Gaelic, and French
She was originally a brunette, but dyed her hair blonde for the role of Luna
Id, Ego, or Superego?
Defense Mechanisms
Projective Test
Evanna makes use of a few of the defense mechanisms we learned about in class. She states she sometimes doesn't feel like she belongs in the world of stars she found herself in by acting in Harry Potter. "Sometimes I'm stressed and I'm sick of things and I need to forget about them for a while, so in Harry Potter you're taken to this wonderful imaginary world where everything is so different," she says. This demonstrates regression, as she wants to go back to a more innocent and magical time in her life by rereading the books from her childhood, as well as repression, shown by her desire to forget about things for a while. Her battle with anorexia was filled with stress, and these defense mechanisms helped her get through that.
Like her character in the Harry Potter franchise, Evanna is a very imaginative person. She would likely see something like a nargle or a mermaid, and would appreciate the bright colours and fantastical designs. She would probably come up with a very creative answer for what she sees in the ink blot. She looks on the bright side of life and would find the happiness in the picture.
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