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Children being influenced by Technology

Created by Shelby, Austin, and Alex

Alexsis Gilder

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Children being influenced by Technology

By Alex, Austin, and Shelby Negative Impacts of Technology Video games Solution Children are now accessing violent video games, such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, at a much younger age and don't have the skills to decipher what type of behavior is okay in the cyber world and what type is okay in the real world.
Violence is something a child should be sheltered from. By the time a child finishes elementary school, he or she would have witnessed 8,000 murders in a video game or a TV set. Children are now exposing themselves to violence, sex, and drugs all on this one form of technology.
They can access all types of information by typing key words into a search bar.
They can look up gang fights on youtube, pornography on google, and a recipe to meth on ask.com
It's kind of frightening to know that children still in grade school are witnessing this corruption of adult life Internet On the internet, children can talk to virtually any one on the planet with an internet connection.
Predators, pedophiles, and the sick people of the world can see where a young child, who is blind to the dangers of the world, might live, how old they are, and who they're friends are.
It is so easy to pose as someone else on the internet because there is not face-to-face interaction. Children who are pretending to be older, and creeps pretending to be younger. It's sickening Social Networking Sites Children now have more powerful computers than what was used to fly America to the moon in the palm of their hands..
They have a small computer that can give whatever media they want.
Video Games
Youtube videos
Social networking sites
Google Cellphones Because of the individuality of each case, it is
very difficult to conjure a solution. However,
every child, no matter the age, should be in
school. The schools can control what type of
socialization is going on in their classrooms
and because they are already in a learning
environment, it will be simple for them to
learn values as well.
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