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An Adventure to Flora

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of An Adventure to Flora

An Adventure to Flora
Science Inquiry Questions
For Science this term I will be answering five inquiry questions. The questions that I will be answering are the following:
1. Where is the planet positioned?
2. What gases can be found on your planet?
3. What is the climate on this planet and how is this important for life to exist?
4. Is there water on your planet?
5. Is there light on your planet, Does your planet need light and why.
What Gases can be Found on your Planet?
The gases found on Flora are Neon, Hydrogen, Helium, Potassium, Calcium, and Xenon and. These are some of the gases found Mercury, there is no oxygen, therefore there cannot be any life on flora.
What is the climate on the planet and how is this important for life to exist?
Since Flora has hardly any atmosphere, it does not have weather like storms, clouds, winds or rain. The surface of Flora can reach up to 405.19˚ and can drop to -194.78˚ . The temperature drops at night because there is no atmosphere to trap the daytime heat.
Is There Water on your Planet?
On Flora there is water, but it is toxic, you cannot drink it, and it is extremely hot. There is also ice on Flora, deep down into the polar craters because they are permanently covered by other rocks or craters.
Where is the planet positioned?
The planet that I am creating is named Flora, the position of this planet will be between Mercury and Venus. I have positioned Flora in this space because the planets in our solar system are named after roman gods and goddesses, and in the roman peoples beliefs Flora was Mercury's mother, therefore I have positioned Flora in between Mercury and Venus. Flora isn't just Mercury's mother, she is also defined as "The Roman Goddess of Flowers" or "The Roman Goddess of Plants".
By Gianna Stuck
Is there light on your planet, Does your planet need light and why?
There is definitely light on Flora as it is one planet away from the sun (83.06 million km). Light on Flora is important because Flora glows from the neon, and the light from the sun, so if there is no light on Flora it wont glow.
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