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User Experience Forum

A forum inviting user experience, user interface, and usability professionals from all sectors within JPMC to share and learn about all things UX!

Monica Longmire

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of User Experience Forum

The User Experience forum
is back! user-centered design user interface design usability inviting professionals and advocates from all sectors in the Company
whose specialties and/or interests are in: the overall satisfaction of the end user Every two months, we'll meet for an hour to share and learn about:
best practices
lessons learned meet the UX Forum committee: Jenn Genovese Jaeson Paul Corporate Technology User Experience Corporate Internet Group User Experience Jim Leasure Retail Financial Services Corporate Technology User Experience Monica Longmire Today's Agenda: Committee Introductions
Purpose of UX Forum
UI Toolkit
Audience Questions/Suggestions
What is the UI Toolkit? The Application User Interface (UI) Toolkit is a set of simulated standard, interactive components that follow current JPMC intranet style and functionality guidelines.
What's in it for me? Business Analyst Designer Developer Visual and functional baseline for requirements gathering

Faster visualization of requirements

Easy access within iRise for building and sharing

Less rework and time spent redesigning
More time to focus on innovative design

Current, working examples of:

Current, consistent, visual and interactive experience Tools in the Kit The UI Toolkit includes a number of standard, consistent, reusable components.
Standard Header

With these tools, users can:
Reference guidelines
Import components into existing projects and use a component as-is, or slightly modify for project requirements (in iRise)
Access links to live applications or sites that followed the toolkit
Contact a project team leverage existing code built according to standards
Impact Eleven (11) applications are currently following Toolkit guidelines

Teams have incorporated the toolkit as early as the Concept Phase How to Get the Toolkit You can view the toolkit like any other project in the Definition Center If you have iRise If you do not have iRise Send an email to CTR_User_Experience@jpmchase.com asking for access to:
iRise Studio (to leverage actual components in another iRise project)
iRise Definition Center (to view/interact with the toolkit)
CT UX will request your MAC address(es), SID, and send instructions for download
Tell us your thoughts on the UX Forum... Is the information valuable? Would you attend again? What other topics should be covered in future forums? Is this time/day good for you? Would you (or a colleague) be interested in presenting at UX Forum? What are your expectations for the UX Forum? Thanks for attending! Business Case Request Center My Personal Profile {Pay & Personal) Web satisfaction survey A Website Satisfaction Survey template has been created by the Confirmit team which provides site owners a starting point to gather feedback from site visitors. Contact Jen Ternoski for more information on the
Web Satisfaction Survey and Common Survey Templates We're listening... ...we heard you. Templates provide clients with a pre-formatted layout and question list that can be customized based on the client and LOB need

Templates are designed as a self-service offering to Confirmit Users, however; the Confirmit team will work with non-confirmit users to determine what support may be needed A Sharepoint site has been created for clients to access a Website Satisfaction Template guide

Contains an overview on how the Website Satisfacation template functions
Contains a link to a survey using the template where clients have the ability to take a hands on approach to review look, feel and content
Instructions for Confirmit and Non-Confirmit users
Step by step documentation how to create a survey from the template (Confirmit users)
Link to a creation request (non-Confirmit users)
Instructions on how to gain permissions
Support Contact information
Common survey templates We’ve taken it a step further….

Currently we offer:
Website Satisfaction
Townhall Feedback
Event Sign up
…and the list will continue to grow

All questions in the survey templates are generic and do not include LOB specific information.

Customization can be made to the survey including: survey name, layout, custom logo, adding and removing questions, etc. Step 1: Spread the word...
Communication will be provided by means of:

BA, PM, UX and Confirmit forums
Confirmit News
Presentation to SSG Management of Sharepoint client site
Step 2: Gather feedback…. Detemine the best approach to track usage of templates
Gather feedback from users to confirm template provision is a practical means to deliver an innovative solution
A Sharepoint site has been created for clients to access an overview of how to use templates

Common templates main page:
Contains an overview on what templates provide
Instructions on gaining permissions to the templates
Support contact information
Links to surveys using the templates where clients have the ability to take a hands on approach to review look, feel and content Confirmit: Confirmit: Additional Common templates have been created in Confirmit jennifer.x.ternoski@chase.com * Contact information and links from today's session will be available on the UX Forum site Confirmit Survey Templates: Next Steps Web Satisfaction is one part of a comprehensive listening strategy with the ultimate goal being continuous site improvement in order to optimize visitor experience and increase productivity.
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