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No description

Jake Nordstrom

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Football

By: Jake Nordstrom Football History of Football November 6th, 1869

Soccer and Rugby

15 Players on each team Walter Camp "Father of Football"

11 Man team

Introduced "Downs" NFL American Professional Football Association

August 20, 1920

40 teams INJURIES WHILE PLAYING 405,972 ER visits

Strains Concussion Long term Effects

Memory loss
Slow movements
Word loss Prevention of Injuries Helmets
New styles
Air filled
Drink Water
PLAY AGGRESSIVE Field specifications

120 yards by 53 1/3 yards

Hash marks Professional VS College VS High School Specifications Numbers


Goal Post Equipment Head Gear
-Mouth guard

Wrist bands NOPE Conclusion Growing in popularity

14 different football leagues
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