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Geodatabase Tutorial

No description

Kressell Daniel

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Geodatabase Tutorial

Geodatabase Tutorial
Validating the topology checks for features of the data classes that have violated any rules previously set for their geometry.
Errors are subsequently identified after validation has been completed and are shown when the topology is opened in ArcMap.
This step is important when using spatial data from different sources to construct the webmap.


Step (1)
- Creating a New Geodatabase

Step (2)
- Creating a New Topology

Step (3)
- Validating Topologies

Step (4)
- Editing Topologies: Fixing Errors

Step (5)
- Editing a Point Error

Step (1)- Creating a New Geodatabase
In ArcCatalog…
Adding a new feature dataset and setting its properties…
Using same coordinate system as Google Maps, Bing Maps & ArcGIS online...
For example: a rule is violated when an address point falls on the line of a
property boundary instead of within a property boundary.
If the feature classes used incorporate polygonal or line data as well as point,
different ranges of errors may occur based on the types of rules specified for the
Step (2)- Creating a New Topology
What is a Topology?
Cluster Tolerance
Feature Class Rank
The rules are different for the three types of feature classes used – point, line & polygon.
Step (3)- Validating Topologies
Step (4)- Editing Topologies: Fixing Errors
The validation process identifies three types of topology errors
1. Area
2. Line
3. Point
Step (5)- Editing a Point Error
This tutorial only demonstrates how to address point errors
SA 8923 – Group 4: Kressell Daniel, Rajiv Lalla, Bradley Macpherson & Danielle Mitchell
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