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Discoveries in medicine

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anaya torbert

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Discoveries in medicine

Discoveries in medicine
first patient treated with insulin
The discovery of insulin was discovered by Frederick G. Banting, Charles H. Best and JJR Macleod at the university of Toronto in 1921. The first patient to be treated with insulin was Leonard Thompson for type 1 diabetes on January 11,1922 at the age of 14
first successful heart transplant in a adult
first test tube baby is born
Elizabeth Jordan Carr was the first test tube baby born on July 25,1978. By doctor Howard in Norfolk. Before there was three unsuccessful tries with other women. After examining the doctor told the mother Judy Carr there could be a possibility that the baby could be born with a small head.
first kidney dialysis machine is developed
the Kidney dialysis machine, can replace the kidney function. They remove toxins before pumping clean blood black into the body . The first artifical kidney machine was developed by William Kolff in 1943.
53 year old Lewis washkansky receives the first heart transplant at Grove Schuur hospital in Cape Town, south Africa on December 3rd 1967 .
after the heart transplant washkansky was given drugs to suppress his immune system and keep his body from rejecting the heart.
18 days later he died from double pnuemonia.
first baby conceived from a frozen embryo
the first pregnancy achieved in the United States through frozen embryo transfer--a technique in which an embryo is conceived in a laboratory dish, frozen and then thawed and implanted in the mother at a later date was done by Dr. Richard Marrs at Good Samaritan Hospital on march 29 1986
development of the first nursing school
the bellevue school of nursing, of new york city was founded in 1873. The school of nursing was founded be florence nightingale. it was operated untill closure in 1969.
first successful pediatric heart transplant
james lovette was born in Colorado hospital with very serious heart problem called single ventricle . the odds for a child to survive was very slim. Dr. Rose did the operation on June 9 1984
first woman to receive a medical degree
in 1849 elizabeth blackwell graduated first in her class and got her medical degree.
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