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USM Internship Presentation

No description

Dartie Gilet

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of USM Internship Presentation

Visitation Analysis
Week 3 Summary
Week 2 Summary
Week 1 Summary
-Learn more about USM and how the business is managed.
-See correlations, if any, from the Army to Civilian life.
-Learn something new to take with me back to West Point.

-Create a functioning report on Excel that will analyze visitations in a given frequency in a particular month.
-Make sure the report is readable and functions properly.

The Visitation Analysis is a report that shows how often a site has been visited by USM inspectors. The report can also be used at different times of the month to show progress on the inspections for that particular month.

The report is important to the Routers and the USM clients.
– The Routers are in charge of making the routes for the field personnel to visit and inspect. If the Routers forget to route a site, or schedule one site too many times, then another site gets neglected for that month.

– The clients are important and any business aims to please them. In order to please the clients, we have to be there when they want us, and if a site is not seen, then it reflects negatively on the business.
Primary goal for the week was to put the pieces of the model together to make sure it functioned properly.

Breaking the project into pieces:
Part 1: Make sure the outline of the project was working properly
Part 2: Delete any excess data in the report
Part 3: Make a formula reference page
Part 4: Start working on modeling the different periodic inspections
Part 5: Combine the many different aspects of the report together
Part 6: Make sure the model does what I wanted it to do

Things I learned in Week 2:
How to test a report in Excel.
How to proof-read formulas in Excel.

Anna Lebo, Daniel Newkirk, and Sean Kaplan each briefed me on the new operating system they worked on which lead to an introduction of my project. The project was to create a model that will report an analysis of periodic inspections.

Outline of the Report:
-Sean Kaplan explained to me what he needed in the report and helped me create a report to show the monthly inspections that in turn helped me see how the periodic report should be.

Things I learned in Week 1:
-How to use Excel to its fullest capacity.
-How to make and read a visitation report on Excel.
The primary goal of the week was to make sure that we have a completed report that will properly analyze the completed and predicted inspections. The secondary goal was to make a detailed file of how to read, modify, and add to the Visitation Analysis. Lastly, the third goal was to verify that the data received was accurate; came from the same place every time; and verifying that the model worked every time.

Goal 1:
Making sure the report works.
- This required doing multiple tests and checks on the model to ensure that it provided accurate data.
Goal 2:
Write a manual for the analysis.
- This required me to write in detail what the model was doing and how to update the model, so that when I leave, others will be able to understand it and modify the model as needed.
Goal 3:
Make sure the exported data comes from the same place every time.
- I talked with the Routers to make sure the data they retrieved from Telogis was the same since it is vital regarding the analysis.

Things I learned in Week 3:
- You can never do enough tests.
- When making a list of instructions, make sure you test yourself by following the directions and see if it does what it was suppose to do.


Visitation Analysis

Summary (Week 1-Week 3)

Model Presentation


I was able to make a report that will analyze the projected and completed inspections that comes from Telogis.

I learned the importance of routing and its effect on the inspectors.

I also learned how to better proof-read my work in Excel through self testing and having someone review it.

I was able to improve my Excel skills and have a better understanding of formulas.

I learned how to use a Pivot table and learned how it calculated information with varying data points.

Attention to detail is important not just for the Army but in everything you do.

I thought EMCOR was just a construction company that specialized in building energy efficient buildings.

I did not realize the level of detail that goes into managing the many different services that USM provides to its customers.

I was impressed with co-workers Excel skills.

I was surprised by the amount of responsibility the Routers have and how well they adapt to the new system.

Required - As It Relates to the Model
An inspection is "Required" in the month that the inspection "expires".

Monthly - Always Required
Quarterly - Required in March, June, September, and December
Twice a Year - Required in June and December

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