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New Tripoli Train Station

No description

Sawsan Akoumeh

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of New Tripoli Train Station

Tripoli Train Station
By: Sawsan Akoumeh
Darine hussein

Alternative energy sources
Use of sustainable materials
Energy conservation
Elevated Station with Ticket Hall Below Platforms

Station Design

A hierarchy should be followed to give priority of access to transit customers in the following order:

• railway platforms
• Pedestrians
• Bicyclists
• Feeder buses and shuttles
• Taxi and auto pick-up/drop-off
• Auto park-and-ride

Tripoli railway station
Strasbourg Railway Station

King’s Cross Station
The Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station

Architect : Meinhard von Gerkan
Opened : 26 May 2006
Location : Berlin
On a total floor area of 70,000 square meter

There are certain mussographical considerations which must have a decisive influence on the structure of the building, for instance, on the arrangement of the rooms or the type of roof chosen, and which are therefore of technical importance in the construction
London’s Battersea station
Bologna Central Station

- In this relationship between old and new, we preferred to keep the two realities divided from the architectural point of view.
- The old station and the buildings beside are preserved towards the old city center.

Structure System used

Steel Trusses
Site Analysis


Beirut Arab University
Faculty Of Architectural Eng
Fall 2014-2015
Fourth Year
Project Main Components
- Station
- Railway Museum
- Burj Al Sebaa Heritage Hotel
- Liban post Headquarter
Station Facilities

• Facilities for pedestrians and people using wheelchairs and bicycles.
• Station platform(s)
• Waiting shelters for all public transit routes serving the station.
• Provision for short-term pick-up/drop-off of transit patrons by shuttle, taxi, etc
• Administration zone
• Staff restrooms zone
• Ticketing offices
• Outdoor services (bus , car parking ..)

Station Circulation System Hierarchy

Side Platform Station:
The basic station design used for a double track railway line has two platforms, one for each direction of travel. 

A cheaper form of station construction , this is a single platform serving two tracks passing on either side, effectively creating an island which can only be accessed by crossing a track.
Island Platform Station

the ticket office and gate lines are below the platform level.  This can be done to allow one ticket office to serve both platforms but it requires the space to be available below track level

The Tripoli railway station is located near El-Mina, Tripoli, Lebanon. It began operating in 1911 and was connected to the Syrian city, with a single track.
During World War I, the Ottomans, and for military reasons, damaged the Tripoli line.

Ruined, the station was nationalized in 1920 at the time of the French mandate in Lebanon and Syria.

In 1943, after independence, the station became the property of the Lebanese state.
In 1975, the station was abandoned and now contains a number of multipurpose buildings. These buildings were severely damaged during the civil war (1975–1991). A series of ancient multi-purpose wagons made in 1901 and 1906 remain on the site.

The traces of war are visible on the vehicles. In June 2011, the station reopened its doors to visitors for two days only.[1]

Case studies
Sustainablity can be achieve by several methods
Site Analysis
Tripoli railway station functions

Sustainable building
Geothermal energy

1- Solar panels:help to provide
sustainable electricity for any use.

2- Wind turbines

3- Solar water heating:a cost-effective
way to generate hot water for a home.
They can be used in any climate,
and the fuel they use sunshine is free.

4- Heat pumps: the efficiency of air-source heat pumps decline when the outdoor temperature is very cold or very hot

energy obtained by tapping the heat of the Earth itself
Buildings should be protected against the loss of warm or cool air. some windows provide the same insulation value as traditional stone, masonry, and wood construction.
Use recycled building materials.

Sustainable architecture often incorporates the use of recycled or second hand materials, such as reclaimed lumber and recycled copper.

Heights of the present buildings

Site Location
Exhibition Halls

Train Rail Ways
Historically, the Berlin Hauptbahnhof was constructed on the former site of the Lehrter Bahnhof, which dated back to 1871. Unfortunately, that station was heavily damaged in World War II

By the time the Berlin Wall fell, city planners were looking to create a new, central railway station for the city, and by 1992 the site of the former Lehrter Bahnhof was finally chosen.

Construction consisted of new tunnels for long distance and U-Bahn trains, and bridges for the S-Bahn. Finally opened on May 26, 2006

First case study
- Stone façade was replaced with glazed tiles to save money.
- The train shed was 188 metres long and 38 metres wide.
- Its roof was a long barrel vault with steel supports.
- The station was divided into an arrival side on the west, and a departure side on the east.
The highest level in the station is 10 metres above street level, and the lowest level is 15 metres below ground.

Section 3d
Second case study
Third case study
Architect: John McAslan + Partners
Location: London, England
Project Year: 2012

The transformation of King’s Cross Station for Network Rail involves three very different styles of architecture: re-use, restoration and new build.

- A new 5,000 sq meter concourse – twice the size of the existing one with new shops and restaurants.
- A restored facade of the station .
- The train shed and platforms will be refurbished and the roof replaced .
- An additional platform, increasing reliability and capacity at the station .
- A new open piazza in front of the station, larger than Leicester Square .

- It avoids the need to drop columns into the ticket hall of the underground station underneath the main space."
The Roof structure
- Rises up a great steel stalk in the centre and then spreads into a tree-like canopy of intersecting branches, before descending into a ring of supports at the circumference
Diffuse/directional lighting can also be produced, for example, by linear lamps in appropriately designed luminaires
Project Year : 1883 and was one of the first strategic public
Architect : J.Eduard Jacobstahl
Location : Berlin

- Its horseshoe shape remained faithful to neo-Renaissance influences.

The historical building

New Design Concepts
The spectacular glass frontage covering the entire historical facade of the station brought it into line with modern needs, while keeping its outstanding architectural qualities.

- It's a renewable building
by its energy conservation
London's Power Station is transformed into a museum of architecture and surrounded by a giant roller coaster .

Architect : Atelier Zündel Cristea.

Location : Bologna,Italy
Architect : Andrea Maffei Architects

-The new station should have strung together the past and the modern,
the historical center and the new industrial districts.

Safe Trip
Thank you for your attention
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