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Evernote for Real Estate

No description

Tara Tallon Whitting

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Evernote for Real Estate

Evernote for Real Estate:

What is Evernote?
The Evernote family of products help you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experiences across all the computers, phones and tablets you use.
Why use Evernote in
Real Estate???
1. Memory!
2. Communication!
3. Paperless!
4. Listing Management
5. Buyer Management
6. Storing of Information
7. Transaction Management

Evernote HAS the
memory space that we
perhaps don't! Are you
Sold on Evernote??? What about costs???
1. Evernote is FREE!
2. Evernote premium is
$5/mo or $45/yr.

on Mac, PC, Droid, iPad, iTunes,

, etc. and syndicates between ALL devices

that you
can grab your DATA ANYWHERE.

as real estate agents...you are mobile!
Have you ever found yourself looking for something that you know you have...BUT...
Evernote is essentially a hybrid of offline & cloud based systems....
Find anything, anytime, anywhere...
Our focus is to "Embrace Today's Consumer"...so how can Evernote help??
Evernote creates the ability for you to better share, store and interact information with your clients. AND...gives them information ORGANIZED for them AND you. And helps you find it later as well. Not to mention, with NO PAPER!
You probably currently either store paper files, digital files, and/or files on a disk, etc... BUT, can you access them anytime, anywhere and from multiple devices???
How to Increase your Efficiency & Productivity
From a desktop or laptop PC or Mac...go to www.evernote.com & sign-up and/or you can download the full software for free onto your desktop.
And then... go to iTunes or to Google Play or your app store and download the free Evernote app so that all of your data will be synchronized and available on all of your devices.
To Use Evernote...You will create Notebooks
You can have as few or as many notebooks as you need...and then you create notes within each notebook where you can save documents, pdf files, photos, videos, video clips, etc.
You can then take advantege of tags, search & share info
Register @ www.evernote.com
Download the Free App for your Mobile Device(s)
How Safe if Evernote?
1. Evernote is a successful, financially-solid company
2. Evernote has a clear data-ownership policy.
3. Evernote data is stored both locally and in the cloud.
4. Evernote can encrypt sensitive data within a note.
5. Evernote data can be stored only on your local machine.
6. Evernote data can be exported and taken elsewhere.
For the latest information on Evernote's Ongoing Security Updates, please go to: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/05/30/evernotes-three-new-security-features/
I mean...how much can we all possibly remember???
Start by Adding Notebooks...
Notebooks Could Be...
You then Create NOTES inside
Notes Might be...
The AMAZING & Interactive part of Evernote is Sharing Data & Information...
Ways you can share data:
A Buyer/Prospect
A Listing Client
Your Personal Files
Tax Records
Market Analysis Reports
Meeting Notes
Document Storage
Your Family's Records

pdf files
business cards
Private (Default Setting)
Shared by You & 2 or more People
And these can all be changed...
Choose Evernote in your real estate practice...don't suffer from short term memory loss!
Additional Apps to Download that work with Evernote...
Allows you to mark up pictures!
The Evernote Story...
Evernote Hello
Evernote Hello...
Evernote Food
Other "Web-Clip Apps" that work with Evernote...
Thank you for your time!
Tara Whitting
Use a service like www.animoto.com to create videos that you can then add to your listing presentations AND to EVERNOTE!
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