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America and the World in the 1930s: The Time Period of To Ki

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Madison Biggs

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of America and the World in the 1930s: The Time Period of To Ki

What was “Black Friday?
--Black Friday was the day the stock market crashed.
What caused the stock market to crash?
--The stock market crashed because prices went up and people had put a
lot of money on the stocks.
Had it happened before? Where/when?
--There was a depression six months earlier.
Could the stock market crash have been prevented? How?
--Maybe if they hadn't gotten involved with WWII
What impact did the stock market crash have on Americans and life in America?
-Many people lost jobs, homes etc.
Explain some of the tragic events that occurred immediately after the Crash?
--Several of the banks that had been shut down because they couldn't keep up
with the people who were withdrawing money.
The Dust Bowl:
The Impact on Economic
Prosperity for Blacks and Whites
- What was the Dust Bowl? Where did it take place and when?
Who was directly affected by it?
- What impact did the Dust Bowl have on life in America? How is it connected to the Great Depression? Could it have been prevented? If so, how? Have we done things since then to prevent it from happening again or could it still happen?
- How did Herbert Hoover deal with this natural disaster and the people involved? What were “Hoovervilles” and why were they called that? Who were the “Okies”? Explain the problems that arose in the country in places like California as a result of the Dust Bowl, the “Okies,” and migrant farming.

How the topics are connected?
All happened around the same time
When farmers lost their crops and lost money this contributed to the Great Depression
When the Stock Market crashed the country lost lots of money which contributed to the Great Depression
Hitler connects because of the time period. while America was fighting the germans, h were burning money which didnt help wh the depression
The Stock Market Crash and The Great Depression: The Impact on Economic Prosperity
for Blacks and Whites in America

The Rise of Hitler
Who was Adolf Hitler? When Was he born and what was his family like? Explain how he came into power in Germany. Who were the Nazi's?
Why were the Jews a target for Hitler and the Nazis hatred?
America and the World in the 1930s: The Time Period of To Kill a Mockingbird
By: Madison Biggs, Tierra Todd, Michael Chenevert, Jerry Hurley, and Cooper Lewis
Tierra's Answers
Adolf Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany and the leader of the nazi party. He was Born April 20th, 1889. His mother died wen he was young and his step father was a drunk. his real father is unknown but it is possible that he was Jewish. He was a great speaker, which is how he came into power. He also committed countless political achievements, to be declared chancellor of Germany. The nazis were a group of faceist, Political leaders and civilians. They were also soldiers who fought the allies, and Russians in WWII. Hitler believed that Jews were he problem with the world. He Said that the Jews are the reason for Germany's poverty. He Began taking theirs rights, their land, and eventually their lives.
Madison's Answers
The Dust Bowl was a series of dust and wind
storms. It took place in the 1930s. The states it affected
were Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. Life was
affected by farmers not making an income. They became poor, starved,
and left their homes. The Dust Bowl is connected to the Great Depression
because they made no money, had to borrow money. They couldn't pay their
loans so eventually the banks crashed. We have used different soil fertilization
crops; we use fertilizers to keep the soil moist. It could also still happen
again because there could still be a terrible drought and our corrects could
not work. Hoover did not have enough time in office to deal with this
disaster or the people. Most of the Dust Bowl occurred while Roosevelt
was in office. Okies are farm families that moved to California to get
away from the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression that arose
throughout the country were states that had
twice their population and several hundred people living
in shacks.
This section was done by:
Michael Chenevert
The Dust Bowl was a huge drought. The farmers and their families were directly affected by it. Life in America was hard for farmers because they lost all of their crops. When the farmers lost their crops they couldn't sell them which then they didn't make money. It could have been prevented. They farmers should have done crop rotation which would help to prevent it. We have done things since then to prevent it from happening again. Herbert Hoover did'nt do anything to help the disaster or the people. Hoovervilles are little shake towns that homeless people during the Great Depression. They were called Hoovervilles because it was a label saying that President Herbert Hoover caused the economic crisis and and the peoples miseries. • When the “Okies” took up all of the available jobs the tension grew between the California people and the Okies.
Explain what the Great Depression was and its importance/
prominence in American history.
--The Great Depression was a major economic downfall. It showed on how close we were with other countries.
Who was President and what policies affected the Great Depression?
--Franklin Delano Roosevelt; The New Deal and the United Nations
What factors led to the Great Depression?
--Stock prices rising, many people are placing a lot of bids on stocks.
What was life like for Americans during the Great Depression?
-- Many people have lost all of their money and are living in a box (sometimes not even that).
Who was hardest hit and how?
-- The people who were hit hardest were the ones who put their whole trust in the stock markets.
What were some examples that you can give to make the Great Depression real to today’s audience?
--A lot of people today don't even have a home or a car etc.
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