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Educational Opportunity

Learn with us, a family of four, as we travel around the world and explore environmental and multi-cultural issues

Larry Kraft

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Educational Opportunity

A Unique Educational Opportunity For Your Students
Elementary to Middle School
2013/14 school year
Bring into the classroom:
From the first-hand viewpoint of peer kids
And their family
As they travel around the world
For the 2013-2014 school year

We'll be homeschooling our kids

Using IB outcomes to guide us
(IB = International Baccalaureate)
And sharing our experiences

Using a proven content methodology

By partnering with...
(Who attend Peter Hobart Elementary School
in St. Louis Park, MN)
Notes from the trail
Video clips
Mystery Photos
Our lesson plans
Email us questions
Interactive polls
Live Skype videoconferences
Face to face classroom visits
Sample Educational tools
Notes from the trail example:
And accompanying worksheets
Mystery Photos
Mystery Photos
Our blogs
Videoconferences when/if possible
Classroom visits
November 2013
We'll be in Minneapolis area for 2 weeks
Our Tone?
We'll discuss some difficult environmental issues...
How to use us:
It's free
Sign up at Wilderness Classroom web site
Follow our blogs
Send us an email
Twitter: @LarryKraft1
Call us - 952-926-3342
We're happy to meet with you now!
August 2013 --> August 2014
About us...
Jamie - 8, going into 3rd grade
Jason - 6, going into 1st grade
Lauri - 44
Managed PR for a tech company
Performs in musical theatre
Currently writing a children’s book
Larry - 47
High-tech executive
Most recently ran marketing and sales at Digi International, a $200M public company
Depart Aug 2013
Costa Rica
Aug - Sept 2013
Sept - Oct 2013
early Nov 2013
plus a 2 week stop in mid-November
Dec 2013
Vietnam & Cambodia
Jan-Feb 2014
Feb - Mar 2014
April 2014
May 2014
June 2014
June 2014
The Netherlands
July 2014
July 2014
Svalbard, Norway
Aug 2014
Our Itinerary
But, at heart, we're optimists
Especially for kids,

we want to paint a positive vision of:
(return - Aug 2014)
How environmental issues can be addressed
What local people, especially kids, are doing to help
And what we in the U.S. can do to make a difference
Environmental issues
Multicultural issues
(they work with over 2,600 teachers and 75,000 students around the globe.)
Video Clips
If appropriate, we'll also share lessons we put together for our own kids
Full transcript