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Coursework Prezi

Coursework prezi

craig brown

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Coursework Prezi

This is the original photograph i took. It was taken with a nikon d60 12mp camera. I took two similar images and meged the three together
I was aiming to create an image in the style of a 1950's sci fi tv/ufo uncovered tv show.
The idea that it is the abandoned 'Area 51' and the theme is to show that now that its abandoned there is extra terrestrial life there.
I sourced a stary night sky image from the internet which i used to replace the bright blue sky that was in the original images
I then sourced the following image to make the 'nightt look' more believable
I then sourced a ufo image online and added it along with an image which included a light beam.
I manipulated the light beam image to give the effect that it was coming from the ufo
I added graffit to the building to further enhance the fact it was run down
and also included a sign clearly stating that it was an abandoned area 51 This was the final image that was produced. I removed various items including, shadowing, a window, the clock, a sign a bench and rubbish from outside the building.
I added more shrubbery and created an area 51 sign I used this image for colour matching
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