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Solar Panel Presentation

Solar pannels and Bike paths strategy to help make and conserve energy without using up Renewable Items.

amy oliva

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Solar Panel Presentation

In conclusion solar panels and Bike paths are going to be an amazing solution because first of solar panels help with producing energy which can hep power many devices. The sun is an inexhaustible natural resource this means it will last forever. On the other hand Bike paths have a different function. Bike paths help with economic and environmental impacts. Having bike paths in Alexandria, VA would get lot of people in the area inspired or motivated to ride their bike since now they see new trails and paths for their use. Solar panels and bike path are the start of a new adventure in Alexandria Virginia.
Pros & Cons
Pros of Bike Paths
Cons Of Bike Paths
Pros Of Solar Panels
Cons Of Solar Panels
~ People can travel without emitting green house gasses
~ More people will go outside & connect with nature
~You get exercise
~Are very helpful
~Bike paths help with catching criminals
~Landscaped bike paths are great sightseeing places

~ Can be unsafe to ride in the street
~ Cars get annoyed with bikers in the streets
~Paint can come off create a huge problem
~Are sometimes rough
~May be expensive
~Cause accidents if not being looked over.
~ Free energy! ( Once it is installed )
~ Never ending supply
~Come in very large sizes
~Range in colors and design
~Are very useful
~A great alternative

Bike paths are important because people can travel without releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. People also like to enjoy the outdoors by riding on bike paths through parks. Bike paths are essential to a thriving community
A solar website, provides solar panels to schools
~Takes a couple of weeks to install
~Can be very expensive
~ Does not produce energy for evenings, nights & cloudy days
~The project has to be done in phases

Budget & Costs
600 sq. ft. solar panel = $55,000
Total Cost
Average Constructed Bike Path Cost
Average Solar Panel Cost
1,000 per sq. ft.
~ Conserve Energy
~ Provide opportunities
~ Helps citizens
~ Don't need much managing
~ Create their own energy
~ Save energy
~ Use an inexhaustible fuel
~ Provides power for the city
~Solar panels look cool!!

~ Help citizens get to their desired location
~ Avoids Car interruptions or accidents.
~Is a buffer for pedestrians
~Keeps bicyclist in control
~ Lowers the amount of
greenhouse gasses put into
the air
Alexandria Energy Portfolio
Where can you buy Solar panels?
Solar panels can be bought online or in store. Down below I have listed several website where you can buy solar panels from.


www.ebay.com/bhp/solar-panels-sale www.affordable-solar.com/

www.wholesalesolar.com/specials.html www.mrsolar.com/

www.ul-solar.com/‎ www.localbuzz.us/Home-Solar‎

Why Solar Panels?
What Are Solar Panels Made Of?
Solar panels are made from solar cells and have a protective layer of glass so the energy can get through but the cells are protected. when all of the cells unite they create a solar panel! Now down below on the left is a picture of a solar panel and on the right a picture of a solar cell.
Solar panels are essential in a community because they use an inexhaustible resource which means it will never run out. When they are not creating energy they are saving energy for cloudy days evenings. They are easily installed onto your roof so you don't have to worry about where to put them. Solar panels are easy to find. They come in a ton of different sizes and shapes, so there always will be a solar panel that is right for your house. Solar panels are one of the cheapest ways to save energy. Even though solar panels on their own are truly expensive but there are advantages from it. It gives you a lifetime supply of free energy.
Bike lane can be very dangerous if they are placed in the wrong area, for example some people want to put a bike lane on King Street, which isn't a good place to put a bike lane because there is not enough room if car wanted to go around a biker safely. So it is very important that you choose where you want to put a bike lane.
Solar panels on schools?
Solar panels on schools, now that's a great idea. Why not? Schools seem to take up a lot of energy. starting with classrooms there are over 20,30,40 maybe even more. Lets not forget about the gym, cafeteria, auditorium etc School use up so much coal and non-renewable items but worse there all powered at one. Imagine a bunch of solar panels on schools in different states we would be saving so much coal. I hope this presentation truly impact not just the school but also you.
All about bike paths!!!!!!!!
Bike paths are essential to Alexandria,VA. In this city, bicyclists deserve proper room or space to bike freely. What this means is that they should have their own space instead of biking with the cars. If they bike with the cars, sometimes it is dangerous & bicyclists ride on sidewalks and interrupt pedestrians.
The End
Priya Semedo-Strauss, Amy Oliva Ordonez and Ethan Reynolds
Census 2010
Total Population of VA - 8,001,024
Housing Status-
Total 3,364,939
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