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Enrique Espejo

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of I12

Intermediate 12
To Buy or Not to Buy
What's your shopping culture?
The Impact of Art
What does it say to you?
Detail 3
Detail 4
1st. Day
1st. RD
2nd. RD
Unit 10: Shopping (Money Saving Tips)
Unit 11: Art (Artists)
Unit 12: Environment (Green Living &
Global Warming)
You will work in pairs to create a presentation based on a famous brand or work of classic art. Presentations should include some of the new words and grammar seen in the course. Besides, they must include visuals that
illustrate them.
Tells his/her story
in minutes
Retells the story in minute
the story in
ize/(ise) = to make something or someone do what the noun or adjective indicates.
upscale: relating to or appealing to people who have a lot of money
Ex: upscale supermarket
upscale restaurants
upscale neighborhoods
the Vice-president
the Prime minister
the Pope
If you get hungry at Icpna
you can go to:
the cafeteria
the vending machines
I went to a party last weekend.
The party was boring.
I ate a piece of cake. You can't imagine
how delicious the cake was.
These are the most
useful examples ever.
The Titicaca lake is the
highest in the world
In general, the definite article is used before singular or plural nounsthat have been identified or specified in some way by previous reference or uniqueness.
Phrases to compare
In these two pictures, one thing that is similar is that...
In both of these pictures, the...
One thing that these pictures have in common is the..
Phrases to contrast
What's different in the other photo is that...
On the other hand, in the second photo, the...
In contrast, in the second photo...
Hidden stories
Is there a place in your city or neihborhood
that holds special memories for you?
Get ready to read
Tales of Toronto
An innovative project uses cellphones to tell the hidden stories of the city.
September 10, 2012

Sally Jenkins
ABC Company
123 Main St.
Auburn, ME 04211

Dear Ms. Jenkins,

I am writing to inquire about possible openings at ABC Company for a research assistant. I am interested in a senior level position offering the opportunity for travel and advanced research assignments.

As a professional administrative assistant with excellent research skills, I am eager to contribute my abilities and experience to ABC Company. Given my extensive training and background, I believe I can help ABC Company meet its goal of providing only the most accurate and timely information to its clients.

Please find enclosed my resume and a list of my references. Feel free to call me at 207.555.0145, to arrange a time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you.


John Doe
John Doe
200 West First St.
Auburn, ME 04211

Phone: 207.555.0145 Email: jdoe@email.com
Cover Letter Template


Dear [insert name of hiring manager],


First paragraph: Mention the job you’re applying for and where you found the job listing.

Middle paragraphs: Discuss your qualifications. These paragraphs should be specifically tailored to requirements posted in the job listing. You might also consider including why this specific company interested you in the first place. Limit this section to two to three paragraphs.

Final paragraph: Discuss the next steps. If you are going to follow up in one to two weeks, mention a specific date. If you would prefer to leave the ball in their court, say that you look forward to discussing your qualifications further. Also provide your email address and phone number. Don’t forget to thank them for their time.



[insert your name]
Imagine that I am the representative for Peru of a big international company that has many outlets in Lima. This company hires teenagers and young people and pays very good money for part time jobs. Write your cover letters; you decide the company. 200 words.
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