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Simple Tools for Teacher Wellbeing - TRCC 2015

Dr Mark Cunningham presents 'Simple Tools for Teacher Wellbeing' at the 2015 TRCC conference. If you'd like to recap anything we covered go ahead! If you'd like to reuse any of the material please get in touch first. Thanks!

Mark Cunningham

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Simple Tools for Teacher Wellbeing - TRCC 2015

Simple Tools for
Teacher Wellbeing

Create Health
Give someone a fish or teach someone how to fish?
Don't worry though, your subconscious is amazing!
Ever zoned out while driving?
Your 3 Tools for Wellbeing:
Your Wellness Account - grow it!
Balance your system by relaxing!
Cultivate contentment and a wellness mindset
Tool #1: Your Wellness Account
Let's gear up first... because the human body - your body - is amazing!
Be mindful not mindless!
What would the world be like if everyone were wellness focused?
Teacher wellbeing is important for two reasons:
Workplace stress
The butterfly effect
The simple tools for teacher wellbeing:
Cellular Biology
50 trillion cells!
High regeneration rate
A new you?
A happy environment
A happy environment creates a state for cells to grow and regenerate and thrive. An unhappy environment encourages a state where we often see more cell death and less regeneration.
Your Wellness Account
Mindful Walking for Teachers
Tool #2: Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System
Understand the stress response - stimulate the relaxation response
Activities that balance the ANS:
tai chi
deep breathing
talking with loved ones
moving mindfully
eating clean and healthy
having postural awareness
getting adequate hydration
getting adequate sleep
cultivating contentment
being present
chiropractic care
having a positive mindset
and more!
Tool #3: The Wellness Mindset
Would you agree that our mindset has something to do with our level of wellbeing?
A Wellness Mindset
rather than
A Sickness Mentality
Our bodies speak our minds. And our minds basically just play tapes of learned behaviours and experiences all day long – when we aren’t presently cultivating contentment.
Plays 'tapes'
10,000 times the processing power
A double edged sword?
They say thoughts are things
So what if we want to change something?
become more conscious of our thoughts
change the tapes of learned behaviours
Can you see why you’re all so important in changing the world?
You can influence the kids and their learned behaviours and tapes
A Mindful Moment
We’re on our way to wellness.
This conference shows the positive movement!
We can't un-understand
this concept!
A digital product that is free to teachers that delivers short easy to digest wellness content.
Contact me:
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