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Which support more weight, paper or plastic bags?

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Davis Jackson

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Which support more weight, paper or plastic bags?

1-gather your materials, make sure your in a neat area.
2-remember to have 2 of everything. That way you can time the bag ripping at the same time.
3-start putting materials in the bags and place it in the high stand, or you can hold it till it rips.
4-Collect data while performing the experiment.
To improve this experiment i should had set a specific time and place to do it with less noise around. It its important o my every-day-life because i go grocery shopping and now i know which bags will support me more. the question i was asking throughout the experiment was "which one is a great use to not harm our environment?"
Problem Statement
Can plastic bags support more weight than paper bags?
*Independent-amount of materials
*Dependent-the bag tearing
*Control-amount of paper and plastic bags.
Which support more weight, paper or plastic bags?
If i have materials in both paper and plastic bags, then paper will rip first.
* new paper and plastic bags
*materials to put in it-
*a writing utensil
*a high stand
*water bottles
-(these are my choices to put in the bag. you can put anything to put in it)

paper-no rips
weigh- about 3.5 pounds
plastic-no rips
weigh- also 3.5 pounds
paper-no rips
weigh- about 2.4 ounces
weigh- about 2.4 ounces
3-Water bottle
Paper-some cracks
Weigh-12 oz
plastic-start streching some more from the handle
weigh-12 oz
paper-started to riped
weigh-about 100-150
Abstract and Bibliography
The purpose of my hypothesis is to ask a question in which i have to answer with facts. My procedure is to tell you to be in a neat area and gather all your materials. Also its to help you do your task step by step so you don't have to wing it.my results were not supported by my hypothesis, i mean a hypothesis is an educated guess and you perform the experiment to see if it was correct. My conclusion is a summary recap of my experiment and my application is how i can relate this to my life, how i can improve my experiment, and while i was doing this experiment did i have any other questions, which i did.


The purpose of this investigation is to see which one can carry more weight. My hypothesis was incorrect and paper hold more. the findings that i found was when the plastic started to stretch and the paper bag barley did anything. the possible reason for the result is to prove my experiment.
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