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Digital Media and Its Influence on Travel Descisions

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Mike McPhee

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of Digital Media and Its Influence on Travel Descisions

Digital Marketing
- Does it work?

With the seismic changes going on around us within technology, consumer habits and communications, marketers are left wondering what to spend their resources on. This survey aimed to help us understand how digital media is influencing consumer behavior
within the travel industry.

The Survey
Online Usage
Digital Media and Its Influence on Travel

Social Platform Usage
Online Usage
Importance of Digital
Assets -
Important Sources of Travel Information
* 75% of respondents say they have been influenced to travel somewhere based on a friends social photos and videos.
* Wow! - 30% say they have changed travel plans based on the same.
When: Spring 2017
39 Questions based on the 4 phases of the travel experience.
Inspiration and Research
In Destination Habits
Post Travel Habits
The Survey
The survey went to several large data bases and social networks through e-blasts and posts. It was also shared by a diverse range of businesses and people.
1110 respondents
Wide range of demographics and age categories based on traditional age ranges.
Respondents spend an average of 9.6 hours per week on Social Media.
How are people connecting?
Over 60% use a smart phone to browse the web
A 2015 Comscore study found 52% of people engage with travel content via mobile. This is evolving rapidly...
Is Print Dead?
Highly age dependent... 45.6% of the 18 - 24 cohort reads print in a week, while 85% of the 65 plus does.

Save the eulogy for now... Print still seems to have a place in the marketing mix.
Researching Travel
No big surprise! 99% of people use the web to research travel
Inspiration and Research Phase
Inspiration and Research is now 24 / 7 / 365

Only 25% say they never follow
a destinations feeds
going there. A 2015 Adweek survey found that 55% of people liked a page relating to a trip they were
about taking.
1 - Photos of a place
2 - Well designed and easy
to navigate website
3 - Maps of the destination
4 - Videos of the place

1 - A company's website
2 - Online photos
3 - Online travel reviews
4 - Content shared from a friend
5 - Online videos
6 - A company or destinations
social feeds

e - WOM
Booking Process

60% say they sometimes use OTAs. 25% say they always use OTAs
When contacting an accommodation, 70 % would rather contact through the website
72% say they have booked a travel activity through a mobile device
Most people want to book remotely without talking to someone, but this is highly age dependent.
In Destination Behaviour
* 99% of travelers now take a smart phone!
* Including 98.33% of the 65 plus cohort!

In Destination e-WOM
46% say they have. This number will grow.
Trustworthiness of Social Posts
Out of 5 / Weighted Averages
Friends and Family - 4.02
From Businesses - 2.76
From Acquaintances - 3.27

* Travelers are searching for
Cues of credibility
in all posts, hence the importance of Quality Engaging Content from a business

Visit Videos and Photos
* 60% of people say they post videos from a trip at least sometimes

* 90% of people say they post photos from a trip at least sometimes.
Other Post Visit Habits

* 76% said they have posted a review after a positive experience

* 56% said they have posted a review after a poor experience

Reasons travelers gave for posting to Social Media
* I like to share my experiences so friends and family know what I have been up to - 81%
* I like people to see and know where I have been - 24.5%
* I enjoy taking photos and videos and want the world to see them - 34.5%
* I like to brag about things I have seen and done - 12%
* I hope to inspire people to visits the places I have been - 40%
Key Learnings and Nuggets
* Digital Media dominates
phases travel.
* The inspiration and research phase is now 24 / 7 / 365
* If your site isn't
mobile friendly, you are losing money!
* Mobile devices are now the guidebook, video camera, high-res still camera, map, communication device and sometimes... a phone!
* Digital habits seem to flatten out after the age of 45
* Quality content is now the very heart of marketing and branding.
* Consumers and Travelers want to be inspired, entertained and educated.
Overt Sales pitches are a turn off in many cases.
Quality photos
are perhaps the most important aspect of digital marketing.

* Consumer segments continue to fracture.
* Calculating ROI has become very difficult, especially for small businesses. Hence this Survey :)
* Power has shifted from the marketing dept to the consumer. Instead of a 1 way message - 2 way conversation is the new path.

This is similar to other studies. An Adweek (2017) study found an average of 50 minutes per day.
Photos - What is good??

* Warm tones
* Special light
* Symmetry
* Ability for someone to easily put themselves in the place
* Inspirational Moments



There are now entire nations and demographics that have never connected to the web other then on a smart phone.
51.22% Male 48.78% Female
Social Platform Usage by Age

With 1.28 billion daily active users and 1.94 billion monthly active users in 2017, Facebook is truly a behemoth of online actively and the dominant global social network.
While 93.48% of the 18-24 cohort have an Instagram account, only 14.52% of 65 years and older have one. In terms of LinkedIn, older demographics seem to be more engaged with 43.55% of the 65 and older cohort having an account, while only 30.43% of the 18-24 cohort has an account. When looking at Snapchat, the difference between the age groups is dramatic, with 91.30% of the 18-24 group having an active account and zero percent of the 65 year old or more group having an account.
Daydreaming by Age

The 35 - 44 cohort like to daydream about travel!

** This result speaks to a changing understanding of what marketing is. While an old way of thinking may still be caught up in placing a value on specific campaigns and actions, this data suggests that there has been a drift away from and perhaps an elongation of the traditional sales and marketing funnel.

Usage of smartphones to inspire leisure travel:

• In spare moments, such as when waiting, commuting, etc. 69%
• While doing other activities, such as watching TV, eating, etc. 56%
• By doing quick searches on search engines 54%
• By visiting social networking sites 47%
• By visiting travel-related websites for quick visits 33%
• Before looking for travel ideas on computer or tablet 30%

(Google, 2014).

Related Data
The difference in responses between age categories is interesting with 36.43% of 25 – 34 respondents saying yes and only 9.84% of 65 and older saying yes.
By Age Category
Again, the 45 plus categories display similar behaviour
Yes 72.32% No 27.68%

Have you ever booked a travel activity on your mobile device?
By Age:
Google (2014) found that 56% used a smartphone “to decide on activities once at their destinations”
74% post to their social accounts while traveling.
* 19% post about once day
* 6% post multiple times per day
* 39% post every few days
* 14.5% post once per trip
* 21% don't post until hey get home
Posting Habits
* 96% use their smart phone to search for local information while traveling.

* 30% say they have asked questions of a business through their social feed while on a trip.
* Have you ever scrolled through albums of photos on social media to find out more about a destination?
79% say yes
* Have you ever watched a video on social media to find out more about a destination?
80.88% say yes
Google dug a little deeper into when travel videos are viewed.

• 65% When thinking about taking a trip
• 48% When thinking about what type of trip to take
• 61% When choosing a destination

(Google, 2014).

- Phone 29.73%
- Their website 70.27%

Cheap data plans and free wifi are helping this. Do you offer free WIFI at your business?

Google (2014) asked two similar questions: 56% said they use Smartphones devices to decide on activities/excursions and 84% of leisure travelers overwhelmingly rely on search engines via smartphones to find local information in-destination.
Adding further insight into this, ComScore (2015) indicated the following as the information travelers are accessing by mobile device while traveling.

• Weather / climate information - 46%
• Restaurant information / reviews – 44%
• Activities to do – 37%
• Hotel / accommodation info – 32%
• Pictures / images of the place – 29%
• Reviews ratings from other travelers – 26%
• Local transportation – 26%
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