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All About Me

by kayla

libfms 513

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me What is my favorite TV show? Wizards Of Waverly Place What is my favorite book? Junie B. Jones By KaylaTurner Who is my best friends? Do i have a dog? Yes, her name is name is Bella Do I like math? Yes I do like math
What do i like about Erie so for? In what year was I born in? This school. 2001 ALL MY CLASSMATES How many times have I moved? 3 times What do I think of Mr.Harddner He is funny What was my dogs name when I was little? Jackie,Jerry What am I reading now? The Baby-sitter Club Cladia and the Fhantom Phone calls. Who is my family? My mom,Aunt Cindy ,Cousin Sam, Bella, and Me. Where did I live before? Kirkland Where did I use to live? Kirkland. The place I lived before that? Bothell/Kirkland. Was I in Elementary or middle school for 5th grade? I was in Elementary. What school did I go to? A.G.Bell and Juanita Elementary. What is my worst subject in school? Languge arts. What kind of dog do I have? Chihuahua/dotsen maybe. Do I like snow?
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