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The "Lion King" Plot Diagram

Help students to diagram a short story they have read or that they plan to write.

Sneh Patel

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of The "Lion King" Plot Diagram

The "Lion King" Plot Diagram
By: Sneh Patel

Rising Action #1
The first event is when Scar allows Mufasa to fall off a cliff in the middle of a stampede to his death, while Simba helplessly watches. He tries to get to his father but it's too late, blaming himself he runs away and gets lost in a forest.

(enter here)

Falling Action
(enter here)

(enter here)

Background Information
Begins in Africa with a large group of animals who come give their homage to the newly born heir to the throne, Simba.
Main Characters: King Mufasa, Queen Sarabi, Uncle Scar, Guard Zazu, Spiritual guide Rafiki and the prince Simba.

This is the most powerful scene in the movie as it shows leadership and kindness qualities in Simba and Scar's true colors. It is the fight scene between Scar and Simba for the throne. Simba finally takes the situation at hand and handles it instead of running away.

Falling Action
After the fight takes place and Scar falls over a cliff, the hyenas turn against him as they realize he only looks out for himself and blamed the whole scheme against them. The hyenas attack, kill and possibly eat Scar but Disney doesn't show it.

Falling Action
The last falling action is after Scar is defeated, a big storm brews up and cleans up the mess Scar made. The rain puts out the fire and gives water to the dying plant life, eventually completing the "circle of life". Once the storm clears out the sun shines on the rightful king and this is the moment Simba is finally restored as king, fulfilling his destiny.
The resolution is basically the repeat of the start but this time Simba and Nala have a baby and present their child to the people which designates another heir to the throne. However, this child is a girl which indirectly gave an hint of the upcoming sequel-
"The Lion King II: Simba's Pride"

Initial Conflict
The Initial Conflict is basically the birth of Simba or the birth of the prince who will eventually ascend to the throne. When this happens his uncle Scar realizes that he will not get a chance to become King, and decides to take it by force. He formulates a plan to kill both the rightful kings so he can have the throne.
The Lion King is a story about the lion prince/Simba's journey to adulthood and of his royal destiny. As a cub, he witnesses the murder of his father, King Musafa by his uncle Scar and runs away from the kingdom, keeping the burden of his fathers death and kingdom on his shoulders.
Rising Action #2
Simba finds his way into a jungle and meets Timon & Pumbaa, who teach him how to live life "Hakuna Matata" (with no worries). Simba then grows up into an adult under their care.

Rising Action #3
The third event is when Simba is reunited with his old friend Nala from the Pride Lands. She tells him the current situation and problems back at Pride Rock and urges him to take his rightful place as King. Simba is unsure of what to do, but decides after seeing his father's ghost (later on in the story)and goes back as it is his destiny.

The main theme of The Lion King is to find and take your place in the circle of life just like Simba had to take his place as king of the Pridelands.

The Protagonist of the movie.
Main Character
A Dynamic Character
L - Simba is a mischievous, independent little cub who likes to romp and play.
E - Simba's actions either hurt or benefit someone else, for example, after Mufasa's death Simba runs away from the kingdom into exile which hurt the kingdom and his family, and benefited Scar as he became king.
Simba brings the most change as the whole story revolves around him. Simba confronts his fear and follows his destiny as he takes his place as king of the pridelands, also taking his place in the circle of life.
The Antagonist of the movie.
Main Character
A Static Character
T - Reveals he is the evil one and wants to rule the pridelands as he plots to kill Mufasa and Simba.
A - Most, not if all, of Scar's actions are intended to hurt Mufasa or Simba to gain control over the kingdom.
Throughout the story Scar creates internal and external conflicts which bring change to the story.
A Secondary Protagonist of the Movie.
Supporting Character
A Flat Character
L - A wise old baboon who is a tribal medicine man and a spiritual guide.
A - Rafiki guides both Mufasa and Simba as they were cubs and during hard times. Rafiki goes away after he presents newly born Simba and then comes back from time to time to dispense his wisdom to those in need.
Rafiki basically shows where any creature, in his or her own way, fits in the circle of life and may be the only one who know it.
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