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Doctor who 50th

No description

Eoghan Duffy

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Doctor who 50th

The Doctor
There Have been 11 Doctors

1st Doctor
William Hartnell was the doctor from 1963 to 1966
Doctor who started in 1663 2013 is its 50th anniversary it is the longest running sifi series.
He was the only doctor that did not own a sonic screwdriver
1st Episode of doctor who
Part 1
part 2 is missing
Part 3
1st title scene
2nd Doctor
The 2nd doctor was played by Patrick Troughton
he was the doctor from 1966-1969 he was the Doctor for 3 years.

He was the Doctor for 3 years.
He was the first Doctor to own a sonic screwdriver.
2nd Doctor title screen
This doctor often was accompanied with a recorder.
2nd Doctor best bits.
1st doctor best bits.
3rd Doctor
Jon Pertwee was the doctor 3rd Doctor from 1970-1974 he was the doctor for 5 years.
The 3rd Doctor is the only doctor to own and drive a car He called it Bessy.
3rd doctors sonic screwdriver
3rd Doctors best moments
Good old Bessie
3rd doctors title screen
4th Doctor
Tom Baker was the

4th doctor from 1974-1981 he was the doctor for 7 years which is the longest time for an actor to act the doctor.
4th doctor starting scene.
4th doctors sonic screwdriver.
This doctor had a very unique companion a metal dog from the year 5000AD known as K9
K9 plays chess with the Doctor.
4th Doctors best moments
Would u like a jelly baby?
The 4th doctors favorite food was jelly babies and was the 1st doctor to introduce them on screen.
5th Doctor
The 5th Doctor was Peter Davison.
He was the Doctor from 1981-1984.
He was the Doctor for 3 years.He had the most crowded Tardis.
5th Doctor starting titles.
This Doctor wore a stick cellary of on his jacket. He also played cricked.
5th Doctors sonic screwdriver.
5th Doctors best moments.
5th doctor and the cybermen
5th Doctor fights the Master
6th Doctor

The 6th Doctor was acted by Colin Baker from 1984-1986 he was the doctor for 3 years.
The 6th doctor was probably the most colourfully dressed doctor he enjoyed fishing. He was the first Doctor to own an umbrella which was also brightly coloured. He also wore a cat badges of different colours and sizes.

6th Doctors sonic screwdriver.
This Doctor had a laser lance and was the only one to own one.
6th Doctors best moments
Doctor and his dreamcoat
7th Doctor
The 7th Doctor was acted by Slyvester McCoy. He was the doctor from 1987-1989 he was the Doctor for 3 years
The 7th Doctor is the smallest in height he owned a plain black umbrella with a red question mark on it he was more plainly dressed than the 6th Doctor.
7th Doctors sonic screwdriver
7th doctors best moments
7th Doctor startind title
The 8th Doctor
The 8th Doctor was acted by Paul McGann. He is the shortest doctor ever he was only in one film/episode in 1996.He was the Doctor from 1996-1996.
8th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver
8th Doctors best moments

The 9th Doctor
Doctor who took a break for a few years but came back with a bang in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston was the 9th Doctor a new piece of life. He was the Doctor from March 26th 2005- June 18th 2005 he was the Doctor for 1 series (1 year).
The 9th doctor was the first Doctor to own psych paper which is a piece of paper that told anyone in the universe who the Doctor wants to tell them who he is so this could from an messenger from the emperor of China or a reference from the arch bishop of Canterbury and it could also work as security pass to get passed security locked doors.People can also send the doctor messages to this handy device.
There is a catch though it does not work on geniuses such as William Shakespeare and deeply thought people like Vincent Van Gogh.
8th doctor starting scene
9th doctors
sonic screwdriver
9th doctors starting scene
The 9th Doctor had a very noticable favorite word "
The 9th Doctor best moments
The 10th Doctor
One of the most loved Doctors of all time.This Doctor brought lots of new characteristics to the Doctor .Acted by David Tennant he was the doctor from 2005-2010 he was the doctor for 4 years.
The 10th Doctor K9 and Sarah Jane the 10th Doctor is the only Doctor to date to have K9 in one of his adventures.
The 10th Doctor also had a fob watch which every time lord is said to poccess it allows them to rewrite their biology for any reason they may have to hide themseleves by becoming a completely different species of alien it is often they become human.
10th doctor opening scene

10th Doctors sonic screwdriver
The 10th Doctor had a a favourite although this word was French "
The 10th Doctor said sorry a lot.
10th doctor best momments
11th Doctor
The 11th doctor was acted by Matt Smith he was the Doctor for 4 years from 2010-2012. He is diffenetly the mos qwirky doctor of all time with his bow ties and fez. He also brought a lot of new chatacteristic to the doctor He is also one of the most beloved Doctors.
When he just stared to play the role as the Doctor he was the youngest person to play the role. He was 27
The 11ths Doctors Sonic Screwdriver.
His Fez
His Bow-tie
The Doctors Wife
The Doctor first met River Song (Melody Pond) The Doctor's wife in his 10th incarnation but she had known him for much longer she knew him but he didn't know her their lives were back to front
The Doctor and River
The Doctor first meets River
Part 2
11th Doctors starting scene
Geronimo !
The impossible girl
The 11th Doctor's best bits
Bow-ties, stetsons and fezzes are cool
His Stetson
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