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Latin II Course Description

Information on the content, pacing, procedure and objectives of Latin II

Amy Bernard-Mason

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Latin II Course Description

LATIN 2 COURSE DESCRIPTION Latin II covers "Latin for Americans, Level I" units 7-13 and assumes all students have mastered units 1-6. We will continue learning basic grammar as well as culture, geography, history and mythology. My goal is that all students, whether they will take all five levels of Latin or leave after two come away from this class knowing that Latin is relevant. Much emphasis will be placed on connections between Rome and America, Latin and English. General Course Description Assessment You will have three written assignments per week. These assignments will be completed online through the Quia website (to be discussed). Generally homework takes the form of reading comprehension, translation (i.e. Latin to English) or composition (i.e. English to Latin). I do not accept make up work, homework needs to be done on time. Homework Paradigms are pesky charts of grammatical forms. In order to translate efficiently, it is critical that you memorize these charts. To facilitate this, you will be given a quiz each time a new paradigm is learned. There are no surprises, I give you the question and answer in advance. How you learn these forms is up to you. Popular methods are reciting them aloud or writing them repeatedly. Paradigm Quizzes More comprehensive than paradigm quizzes, these quizzes cover all lesson material: derivative, culture, word study, grammar application, vocabulary, et cetera. Quizzes are 20 questions long. Lesson Quizzes 1st Marking Period - entertainment and sports - options include: Greek tragedy KerPoof comic, chariot racing Prezi, gladiator gear and tragedy performances
2nd Marking Period - food - Hades' Culina (think Roman Hell's Kitchen minus Gordon Ramsey)
3rd Marking Period - religion - options include: myth movie, diorama and essay.
4th Marking Period - Roman influence scrapbook, either online or craft Projects After each lesson quiz, a student will give a short presentation on a myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses. The presenter prepares a one page word document which contains: summary, picture, important characters and 3 discussion questions. Based on the questions, the presenter will also lead a 5-10 minute discussion on the myth. Myth Presentations For each unit there is practice test to prepare you for the exam. You are welcome to collaborate, use your textbook and work at your own pace throughout the term. However, you may not copy other's work or consult sources outside your textbook n.b. no internet! The practice test is to be completed through Quia. Open-Book Practice Test Procedure Quia is an online resource I use to post information such as study guides and lecture notes as well as a way to streamline assessment. Today you will each be given a user-name and password. Please log-in to your account today. I would suggest both adding an email account and changing your assigned password. Quia http://www.quia.com/profiles/abernardmason http://www.quia.com/pages/abernardmason/page9 So that I can better understand your language background and goals, please complete this anonymous survey ASAP. Latin Background Survey From the bottom of my Quia mainpage Latin Club National Latin Exam 40 multiple choice questions
Given in March
"Counts" towards course grade
Every day we will practice a sample question
You will all take level II
Covers: grammar, vocabulary, mythology, history, derivatives, Latin phrases, reading comprehension, etc Level II
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