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AUDI marketing presentation

No description

Hanna Knippers

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of AUDI marketing presentation

- Introduction
- History
- Marketing
-marketing mix
- Promotion

- Automobile manufacturing
- Founder: August Horch
( Name is based on the surname of the founder,
“Horch” means “listen” which means “Audi” in Latin) - 7 production locations in 6 countries:

- Main manufacturing base: Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany
- Audi is served worldwide - Majority owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG

- Slogan: “Vorsprung durch Technik” which means “Advancement through Technology”
(USA: “Truth in Engineering”)

- 12 different models
(A1, A3,A4,A5,A6,A7,A8,TT,R8,Q3,Q5,Q7) SWOT Promotion Ad campaigns
- Promoting road cars Sponsoring
- Audi cup
-Audi sailing sport
- Audi quattro cup Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Treats This was our presentation Marketing mix quality
quattro August Horch

- 1889 August Hotch established a company A.Horch and Cie
- 1909 August Hotch started a new company Horch
Automobilewerke GmbH

- 1909 August Hotch were forced out from Horch
Automobilewerke and started a new company

- ’’audire’’ singular imperative is audi, meaning ’’listen ’’ in Latin
- 1910 Audi car Type B was delivered
- 1920 Horch leaved the company The history Introduction Auto Union

- 1928 August Rasmussen, owner of DKW

- 1932 Audi Merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderen to Auto Unit

World War II

- Used for military production
- Bombed, ruined in war New Auto Union

* 1949 The former Audi factory restarts production.

* 1949 3.september New Auto Union gets back together

* 1950 Produces it’s first post war passenger car

* 1958 Auto union was fully owned by Damler Group
until 1964

* 1964 Volkswagen AG took over the Auto Unit GmbH Marketing worldwide
The Netherlands -> 114 Audi dealers Place €18.290 - €260.000
Enjoy it for years! Price Audi’s biggest market
The sales of Audi in china in last six years The total Audi’s sales of the world in 2011 The D.J Power Asia pacific The Chinese high-end car marketing Working together with the government
Sporting campaigns
After-sale service
Adapting Chinese market Audi

- 1965 DKW presents model DKW F102 and name it Audi
- 1968 Audi 100
- 1969 Audi enters to the U.S. market
- 1972 Audi 80
- 1974 Audi 50
- 1980 Audi Quattro
- 1986 Third generation Audi 80
- 1989 Disel engine with direct injection
- 1993 Audi Space frame
- 1994 Audi A8
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