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Shawnee Indian Tribe

No description

Brody Merk

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Shawnee Indian Tribe

Shawnee Indian Tribe
By Brady Monk

The Shawnee Tribe Lived in the forests of Ohio, Indiana, an Kentucky.
Seal of the Shawnee Tribe
The Shawnee Men hunted for Turkeys , Deer ect. in the forests
They also hunted for fish in the rivers
The women farmed squash and corn
They ate cornbread, stews, and soups.
The Shawnee lived in huts called wigwams
The wigwams were made of tree bark and branches.
The men wore breechcloths and leggings.
The women wore dresses and leggings
They often wore designs and painted tribal tattoos
and painted tribal tattoos on
their faces
The Shawnee used dugout canoes as transportation in the rivers
dugout canoes are made out of hollowed out logs
The Shawnee tribe mainly speaks English
Some older Shawnee can still speak the Shawnee language
Weapons and tools
The Shawnee used bow and arrows to hunt
They used the tomahawk for both a tool and a wepon
The Shawnee made pottery, wood carvings and beadwork
They also made Wampum out of purple and white shells.
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