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Things to do in Manchester

Here are a few places that students have recommended around Manchester

Student Communications

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Things to do in Manchester

Things to do in Manchester Shopping General interest Food & Drink Scenic Afflecks Palace Afflecks palace is an old warehouse that has been converted into lots of: weird and wonderful shops, hairdressers, tattoo parlours and cafés. It is a fantastic place to buy unique gifts, cool clothes and accessories. They really do have something for everyone, be it vintage, rave, alternative, indie or just what’s “in” this season. In addition, all the businesses are local, which makes shopping there a big plus! Holly Jones
Biomedical Sciences The 8th Day Co-operative is a vegetarian food shop on Oxford Road, ten minutes walk from the main campus. It sells a range of delicious food, all from ethical sources. Downstairs it has a café selling freshly made healthy food at student-friendly prices. Make sure to check out the Fairtrade Ubuntu Cola. The 8th Day Co-operative Michael Williams
Physics Castle Naze has some of the best rock climbing and walking Manchester has to offer, the Manchester University Mountaineering Club (MUMC) often has trips there and it is an awesome day out. It not only offers adventure but a lovely taste of the English countryside just a short train ride out of the city. Castle Naze Crag Penny Harvey
Sociology The Aquatics Centre was originally built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. As a student it only costs you 1.90 per swim. That’s cheaper than having a take away! Great chance to engage in a healthy lifestyle.
And... If swimming is not your thing, that’s Ok. There is more on offer at great student prices!
The Aquatics Centre So what are you waiting for?
Get your swimming gear and come for a dip. Joana Calado
Biomedical Materials Science
and Tissue Engineering The Christmas Market When the German Christmas Markets come to Manchester they are one of my favourite places to hang out. I believe you should definitely go there if you get the chance. The trees are wrapped in lights and its magical to see at night. It gets cold when we get closer to Christmas and I can’t think of a better way to warm up than with a hot cider or baileys hot chocolate whilst walking round the shops with some friends. Rebecca Duffy
Comparative Religion and
Social Anthropology Great Northern and Deansgate are my favourite places as I really enjoy the cinema (only 1.40 on Wednesday) and all the bars and restaurants in the Deansgate area. Deansgate is more up-market than many places in Manchester, so you may have to pay a little more for your food and drinks. The choice of bars and restaurants, however, is amazing. Great Northern, Deansgate Larry Allan
Aerospace Engineering I love Teacup it’s a fabulous cafe in a really interesting part of town with amazing cakes and now also an evening menu of steaks and pizzas. Its my favourite place to take visitors to Manchester and everyone always enjoys it what’s not to love extraordinary cakes, Teacup, 55 Thomas St. Karen Badat
Orientation team beautiful teas made with leaves in a pot and a relaxing retro soundtrack Saints and Scholars is one of my favourite places to eat in Manchester. This charming little restaurant is open all day (9.30am-11pm), serving fantastic cooked breakfasts first thing, the best banoffee pie in the world for tea time followed by a ‘real’ menu for the evenings. Saints & Scholars ‘Dovestones’ is one of my favourite places to visit in Manchester on a sunny day! Trains run to Greenfield from Victoria Station once an hour, and it only takes about 25 minutes and costs around 4 return. Then you can walk or take a taxi to the reservoir. Parking is free too. Dovestone Reservoir Caroline Booth
MML French and German Heaton Park is one of my favourite parks in Manchester. It is big and the view around the park is absolutely amazing. There are lots of different things for visitors to see and do. Many different events take place such as guided visits for tourists, exhibitions and more. Heaton Park is a great place to spend your day, especially a sunny one, enjoying different activities. Heaton Park Arfa Amin
Accounting and
Finance The Imperial War Museum North is a fantastic place to go in Manchester, Imperial War Museum with lots of very interesting and poignant exhibits which are very educational and show the effects of war. Great for anyone interested in history and a thoroughly enjoyable day out. It’s free entry and easy to get to on the metrolink and has great views of the Manchester Ship Canal which can be seen from the cafe which is excellent as well! It is well worth a visit and I always take something away from it. Thomas Blackburn
Chemistry Alton Towers Resort is one of my best parks in the UK. Located in Staffordshire, 1hr 15mins drive from Manchester. It offers an unrivalled selection of attractions for students to enjoy. Entry fee for students is an average of 30 transport inclusive but there are often two for one deals. I can say, with all the wonderful rides and attractions and well stocked gift shops, Alton Towers is a place not to miss while in UK. Alton Towers If you venture ten minutes out of the student populated Fallowfield down Wilmslow Road, you’ll arrive at Fuel- a local café and bar that does AMAZING veggie food and smoothies, a great selection of British beers and has a really friendly, laid back atmosphere. Fuel Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner to read in, or a lively spot to catch up with friends, Fuel is the perfect place. Don’t forget to check out their live music nights or their Pub Quiz - where you even get free chips! Matilda Thaddeus-Johns
Drama and English literature Natasha Carter
French and Spanish Junior Patrick
Construction Project Management
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