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Osbourn Dorsey

No description

Germaine Council

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Osbourn Dorsey

What the world will be like without Osbourn dorsey's invention
Interesting Facts
Osbourn Dorsey's official birth date is unknown. His estimated birth date is around September 19, 1862. It is also unknown if Osbourn was born a slave or became a freed slave.
Osbourn Birth Date
Osbourn Dorsey was an African-American man who invented the doorknob and doorstop in December of 1878.
Who was Osbourn Dorsey
Osbourn Dorsey
Osbourn Dorsey invented the doorstop and doorknob
Nobody knew Osbourn's real birthday
Osbourn received a patent number of 210,764 for his invention
Osbourn Dorsey created the doorknob/door stop. I wonder what the world is going to be like without the doorknob/door stop. I think the world is going to go crazy because we wouldn’t be able to lock doors or stop doors. Even I would go crazy because my family like to go in my room and take stuff. I know my mom will go crazy because she like her door close because when family from New York & Florida come they snoop around in our room. The world today is better because of Osbourn Dorsey. Plus if we didn’t have doorknobs/Door stop then we could just walk in stores, buildings, parties, and other kind of stores. Osbourn Dorsey saved the world because right now today in 2015 people would be robbing other people right now. So we should all be happy because Osbourn Dorsey changed our lives. I know that i’m happy.
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