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herpdy derpdy derp.

manpreet singh

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of HERP DERP!

Sangha I I was born on December 2, 1996 YES THIS MAN HERE IS 15 (Don't be fooled by the beard) I am a Black Belt in Karate :o Karate.....HISTORY! :D
Many histories of Karate lead back to karate being brought into China by Boddidarma from India
Others have herd stories of monks in mountains have to fight off bandits and in order to fend them off a monk meditated in order to find out how the animals fought ~ Shawn
And if i were to continue there would be hundreds of stories for karate originating
no real specific point is known to be confirmed start of karate But why Karate?Why not Kung-Fu? I'm a Black Belt in Karate :o But..... Where'd it come from? Why Karate though? FIRST! Some History! :D History.... Really isn't that boring! First lengend...... Involves India! ;D There is another one Mythical legend..... I can continue on with many stories but we would be here forever then.... Karate really has no confirmed origin BUT NOW BACK TO! Well..... Karate is more of a self defense/hands-on combat where as if i went to something like Kung-fu uses weapons..... To me if I got jumped on the streets, I don't think I'll have enough time in order to go home and grab a weapon AGAIN THIS IS JUST MY OPINION ABOUT IT.... I'm not saying that Karate is best, I just did what SEEMED logical at the time GIMME YO'
MONAY! Imagine running into this man, you could never escape! Side Note: This was an actual Robbery Attempt AND THUS! A NEW KARATE KID WAS BORN! :D
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