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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

No description

Rebecka Rodriguez

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by Rebecka Rodriguez Perks of being a Wallflower (Text-Set) Grief, Sexual abuse, and Depression Article The Perks of Being a Wallflower http://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/depression-grief This quote reminds me of Charlie's desire of being with Sam. Once Sam tells Charlie she wants him to stop thinking of her, he decides to move on to other people. When Charlie starts dating Mary Elizabeth he says," I think Mary Elizabeth is a really smart and pretty person, and i'm glad that she is my first date ever." Page 112 Sam tells Charlie, "Charlie, i told you not to think of me that way nine months ago because of what i'm saying now. Not because of Craig. Not because i didn't think you were great. It's just that i don't want to be somebody's crush... I want them to show me, so i can feel it, too." Page 201 "As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it."- Andy Warhol Charlie's Passion If you're looking for a friend
there are many to be found
all you have to do is just to
find them hangin' round
not too hard to do and
you can believe it's true
just treat all your friends
like you'd want them to treat you
when you find a friend
make another friend too
and when you lose a friend
find another or two
a friend is someone who
you always can talk to
a friend will understand
what it is you're going through
when you have a friend, a friend
never will you be blue
a friend, a friend, a friend, a friend
a friend such as you "If you are looking for a friend"-Nancy P Goodman The trailer includes the adventures Charlie and his new friends have throughout his high school career. The trailer stays true to how the characters are depicted in the book. The trailer includes some of the most important events in the book. Nancy P Goodman's poem explains Charlies exact situation. Her first line reminds me of the way Charlie finds his friends at the football game, "hangin' around". Goodman also says to make as many friends as possible. This also brings memories from when Charlie met Sam and Patrick, then he went to parties and he met Bob and Mary Elizabeth. "Depression: In this stage of grief, people begin to realize and feel the true extent of the death or loss. Common signs of depression in this stage include difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, fatigue, lack of energy, and crying spells. The individual may also experience self-pity and feel lonely, isolated, empty, lost, and anxious." "When you lose someone or something dear to you, it's natural to feel pain and grief. The grief process is a very normal response, and most people experience it. But when grief encompasses your life and you begin to feel hopeless, helpless, and worthless, then it's time to talk to your doctor about grief and depression." Although we don't figure out Charlie's reason
for depression till later on in the novel, we do
notice his behavior. Aunt Helen's death effects
Charlie deeply. In the novel Charlie is very sentimental,
he becomes depressed when he is alone, and he shows
signs of social anxiety. If you have not caught on, Charlie
was molested by his aunt Helen. Although Charlie's
depression comes from his aunts Helen death, it also has
something to do with his sexual abuse. "And i just couldn't believe it. It was like everything made sense.
Until she moved her hand under my pants, and she touched me...I can't do that anymore. I'm sorry...But i wasn't talking to Sam anymore. I was talking to someone else. I had this dream. My brother and my sister and I were watching television with my Aunt Helen...And she was doing what Sam was doing." Page 201-203 Writing journals is the only thing that
helps him to express his feelings. The
fact that he is not writing to anyone in
particular, allows him to speak his mind.
In his journals Charlie writes about the experiences he has with his friends.
Charlie also has a special bond with his teacher. They both share the interest in reading. Charlie's teacher, Bill, expalins to him a saying about love that impacts Charlie. He later on answers Sam question about the Love we accept. Starry Night The main attraction of this painting are the blue and yellow colors. They say that this painting puts people at ease, it helps them to calm down. Starry Night reminds me of when Charlie, Sam, and Patrick take a drive and Charlie explains that he felt infinite. "Right now we are alive and in this moment I swear we are infinite. " Page 38 Van Gogh's painting relates to Charlie's "Infinite" moment because the night they spent driving looks just like the painting. I Saw her Standing There-John Lennon & Paul McCartney "Well, she was just seventeen,
You know what I mean,
And the way she looked was way beyond compare.
So how could I dance with another, (Ooh)
And I saw her standing there.
Well she looked at me, and I, I could see,
That before too long I'd fall in love with her. She wouldn't dance with another, (Ooh) And I saw her standing there. " "I Saw her Standing There" resembles Charlies situation. Sam was roughly around 17 or 18. He thought that Sam was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He even gave her one of his most prized possessions (Aunt Helen's record). Charlie knew he was in love with her from the first night he met her at the football game. This song reminds me of this novel because since the first day Charlie saw Sam "standing there" he will always love her. About Stephen Chbosky: Film director & screenwriter
Grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Perks is his first novel
Currently living in LA
Wrote the screenplay for "Rent"
He enjoyed reading books from authors like F.Scot Fitzgerald and one of his favorite books are The Catcher in the Rye
He had a teacher in high school by the name of Stern and he became a very good friend to Stephen http://authors.simonandschuster.co.uk/Stephen-Chbosky/1843916/biography Frankenstein by Mary Shelley The Monster did not fit in society. He wasn't human and he did not have a companion and he saw that everyone was afraid of him because he looked scary. These quotes remind me of Charlie's first day at school. He has no idea what high school is like or what friends he will make. Also when Charlie does finally meet his friends he goes overboard with the gifts he showers them with. "I discovered also another means through which I was enabled to assist their labours. I found that the youth spent a great part of each day in collecting wood for the family fire; and, during the night, I often took his tools, the use of which I quickly discovered, and brought home firing sufficient for the consumption of several days."Chapter 11

This was a new sight to me; and I examined the structure with great curiosity. Finding the door open, I entered. An old man sat in it, near a fire, over which he was preparing his breakfast. He turned on hearing a noise; and, perceiving me, shrieked loudly, and, quitting the hut, ran across the fields with a speed of which his debilitated form hardly appeared capable. Chapter 13 "The First Time I Drove" Finally Charlie is old enough to get his license! The first thing he does is visit his aunt Helen. "The first time I drove alone was to see my aunt Helen."Pg93 Besides the fact that Charlie can now visit his aunt Helen without his mom, he can also ask girls out on dates because he drives. He hated the fact that he couldn't drive. He imagined asking Sam out once he was able to drive. He also got to drive his sister to the abortion clinic, to his aunts house, and to Bob's party.
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