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Who Am I-Graphic Organizer

This is a visual representation of who I am.

Rachel Seifert

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Who Am I-Graphic Organizer

Jacqui Melonie Darien Traci Charlie Angie Becky Jarred The Meditation
Group Gabe My Friends &
Community The
CDFC Sushi My Challenges My Selfhood I am an
Introvert I Operate from
an Internal
Locus of Control I am Deeply
Informed by
my Spiritual
Life I Experience Healing
in Silence and
Solitude I am a
Mother Balancing Life
Responsibilities Meditation My
Childhood My
Favorites My Mentors,
Heroes, &
Inspirations My
Soundtracks My
Planet My
Work My
Family My
Mother Fitness &
Health Getting
Rest Difficult
Birth Family Dynamics Creative
Writing History Rainy
Afternoons Reading Laughter Autumn Tea Lilacs Favorite
Perfume Peonies &
Sweet Peas Dad Mom Overcome
Anxieties Grandma Funk
Music 1980's American
Punk Music Motown/Soul
Music Rock
Music 1980's English
Music Indian
Music French
Music Medieval
Music My
Self My
Compass Wanted to
be a Teacher My Teacher
Sylvia Hildegard
Von Bingen Dalai
Lama Krishnamurti Durga Jesus Buddha Yogananda Ganesh Gandhi Mothers Gabe Abby Lady Big girl
Sophie Baby
Sophie My
Heart Camping Road
Trips Travel Being a
Mother Being a Full
Time Student Hair
Stylist &
Colorist Makeup
Artist My
Home My Owners
Manuals The Vedas Tao Te
Ching Think on
These Things The Four
Noble Truths Rumi The
Kybalion Autobiography
of a Yogi Quan
Yin Angels Taking
Walks My Online
Community Finances Mom's
Perfume Coloring Nancy
Drew Playing in
the Woods Roller
Skating Freedom
to Be No Time to
Be Alone Not Enough
Time Alone
With Gabe Geology Minerals
& Crystals Parks Gardening Waterfalls My Sphere
of Influence Sophie's
& Education My Relationship
With Gabe My Birth
Family My
Friends My Home My Choices Household
Manager Environmental
Awareness Deep
Gratitude Grounded
in the World Me Local Punk
Scene of the
1990's My Friends
Bands Cooked in
Restaurants RIP-Many
Friends Are
Gone Now RIP-My
Parents Are
Gone Now RIP-My
Grandma is Gone
Now Worked in
an Independent
for Years Solitude Willingness
to Take Time
For Social
Events Too Many
To Name! Contempletives
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