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WJEC Paper 2 The Writing Paper

No description

P Bali

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of WJEC Paper 2 The Writing Paper

The Writing Paper
WJEC Paper2
The Written Paper
The End Result!!
2 written tasks
1 hour
1/2 an hour on each task
Content and Organisation (what you write and how you structure it)- 13/20

Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar (Sentences, Tense and Agreement)- 7/20
Rhetorical Questions/Repetition
Emotive Language
Three (Rule of)
An amazing piece of work!
Argue, Persuade, Advise
Analyse, Review, Comment
Content and Organisation
Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar
For a C grade, you can:
use the following punctuation marks correctly (. , ? ! " " ' : ;)- Full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, speech marks, apostrophes, colon, semi-colon, brackets.
Simple spellings are all correct and most ambitious words are spelt correctly.
You use the correct tense whether it is past or present and you stick to it.
Your noun/verb agreement is correct e.g. 'I was going' not 'I were going', 'He was amazing' not 'He were amazing'.
Sentence Types
Sentence Types
Rhetorical Questions*
Emotive Language*
The First Result!
Definitely not a C Grade!
The Task!
TiPToP your Paragraphs:
Vary your paragraph
lengths for effect.
Is your language appropriate
for the audience?

Do you address your
audience correctly?
Have you used simple,
compound and
complex sentences (subordinate clauses)?

Do you use different
sentences for effect?
Does your text look like what you should be writing? (i.e. letter, speech, article, brochure etc...)

Beginning, Middle, End

Do you use different sentence openers?

Do you use a range of connectives to link sentences and paragraphs?
Examples: However, although, in addition, nevertheless, firstly, secondly, lastly, finally etc...
. = Full Stop

, = Comma

? = Question Mark

! = Exclamation Mark

" " = Speech Marks

' = Apostrophe

: = Colon

; = Semi-Colon

... = Ellipsis
Shows shock, surprise, happiness
or a command.
1. Replaces a missing letter
e.g. It is = It's, He was= He's,
They have= They've
2. Shows possession
e.g. Mrs Bali's group (group belongs
to me)
Jess' pen (pen belongs to Jess)
Introduces a list
e.g. There are many
problems with smoking:
addiction, loss of money,
lung cancer and blocked
Separate items in a list
e.g. There are many
benefits to a good
education: broadening of
knowledge; further educational
opportunities; job prospects.
Present or Past- pick and stick to it!

Noun/Verb agreement i.e.

One person (noun) = a single form of a verb
Billy was lazy...... NOT Billy were lazy

More than one person (noun) = a plural form of a verb
The boys were lazy.... NOT The boys was lazy.
They were lazy.... NOT They was lazy.
For a C grade, you:
show clearly the text you have been asked to write (Text Type)
show clearly why you are writing (Purpose)
have detailed points/opinions
have clear arguments
use paragraphs and vary them for effect
Use a range of vocabulary for effect with some use of ambitious words.
The Journey to a C Grade
Form (What are you writing?)
Language (How are you going to write it?)
Audience (Who are you writing for?)
Purpose (Why are you writing?)
Before you tackle a task FLAP it!!
Imagine you have a friend or relative
who has decided to run in the
London Marathon (a distance of
over twenty-six miles).

Write a letter to your friend or
relative giving your opinions.
I think that you should run the London maraton because its a realy good thing to do. It will mean that you raise a lot of money for charity and you will keep fit and you might even be on tv so isnt that great. It will be a good thing to do.

Another reason why you should run the maraton is becose it will be a massive achievement and a good thing to do. You could tell people what a great thing it is youve done. People would be so impressed.
Dear Marie,
The London Marathon is an annual event which people from all over the world partake in. I think that it would be an amazing opportunity for you to run in next year's marathon.

Firstly, I think that it'd be fantastic due to all the charity work that you could delve into. The marathon requires you to raise a set amount of money for a charity of your choice in order to run and therefore, as well as having the benefits of self achievement, you could be changing someone's life by raising a large amount of money for charity. Last year, a friend of mine, Roger ran the full 26 or so miles, raising over £2500 for the charity, Children with Cancer. What an achievement! Would you not like to feel as though you've made a difference to someone's life?

Secondly, the London Marathon is one of the largest events that takes place in our capital city. Over 100,000 people ran last year, with millions of pounds being raised. 97% of those people who took part said that it was the biggest achievement of their life! They described it as: amazing; life changing; and inspiring!

Would you not like to be having the same experience? I know I would!

I hope that I have helped you make a decision that could be one of the pinnacles of your life!

Take care of yourself and speak to you soon,


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